Disable Autorun For External Drives And Disks

Today I am here to solve your one of the biggest problem related to computer in your daily routine. The most troubling virus that we face everyday is the autorun virus, the mail problem with this virus is that you will find them in every foreign storage device. no matter how hard we scan the devices again and again but sometimes when we forget to do so it enters our computer and then start playing with it. Today I will be sharing a very smart remedy with you which will help you to stay away from that virus. I will tell you that how it happens?


Generally whenever we insert any other foreign device in our system. Our system detects it and then that autoplays on our system. You can call this tool as Autorun Disabler and as the names tells it all it will disable the autorun option of the devices which are attached on your system. Actually it will not disable that option for all the devices but only for those devices which will be unfamiliar to you. You can see the snapshot of the tool above this paragraph, where you can see that this tool is really very simple to use. You just need to launch it once and then you will all those options as you can see now in the snapshot shown above.

As you can see the 7 different options will be shown to you if you want to disable the autorun option for that tool. You can choose any one of them as per your convenience like you can go for disabling the autorun from external LAN adapters, CDs, RAMS and many more. For example, when I used this tool then I went for disabling the autorun option for the devices which are not known to my system. So, whenever you insert any other USB drive after then it will not autoplay the device but it will wait for you to open it.

The size of this tool is around 150 Kb and it is really very simple to use. This tool was supposed to be portable as it needs to be used everywhere we go with our system. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. Keep Reading and have a nice day!

Download Autorun Disabler

PS : Here is how you can do this manually – Protect Computer From Viruses By Disabling Autorun

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  1. Question on your Disable Autorun article. As I understand the post, Autorun Disabler has been tested on Win7 32 bit. Should I conclude that it does not work on Win7 64bit?

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