RAM upgrade troubles and fix


Are facing troubles in running latest application software or games that demand a lot of RAM?

You may be feeling the need to upgrade your RAM?

But If you are going to add another RAM module to increase the RAM size without removing the old module, it may cause more troubles than good. Let us see the troubles that you may face:

  • Poor performance even after increasing the RAM.
  • System becomes unstable and restarts abruptly.
  • Only one of the two RAM modules is detected.
  • New RAM module is not detected.

Now lets us have a look at the precautions that you should take to avoid the above mentioned problems.


  • If your computer motherboard has dual channel memory support ( see the motherboard’s user manual), then you must install two identical RAM modules for best performance. For best performance, put the two modules in two different memory channels (see motherboard manual for correct way of installation). So you can buy an identical RAM module as your existing module, or better approach would be to sell off the existing one and buy two new of same type, brand, capacity and frequency.
  • If your computer’s motherboard does not support dual channel memory support, then it is recommended that you replace your old RAM module with a new module of higher capacity. But before you buy a new RAM module, check your motherboard’s manual for maximum RAM frequency it supports, buy the new module of the maximum supported frequency for good performance.
  • If you want to add a new RAM module without removing the old one(not recommended), it is highly recommended that the two modules (old and new one) must be of same memory frequency. If the frequency is not same, system becomes unstable and restarts abruptly, which can be fatal for your computer.
  • In case the two RAM modules are based on different chipset technology (which changes the memory density, i.e the memory contained on each chip on the module), it may happen that only one one of the two is detected.
  • If the memory density of the new RAM module is not supported by your motherboard, it may happen that the new RAM module is not detected at all. So be very careful before buying a new memory module. Buy only after checking the supported memory types from motherboard’s manual.

So, The thumb-rule is – Always look carefully into the motherboard’s user manual before any kind of RAM upgrades.

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  1. That pretty much covers most of the issues, but I need a bit more advice on the 1st one. Most of the motherboard manuals fail to mention the rank of the DIMM/SIMM they support, neither is much information available on how to figure out (supported)rank for a given M/B or RAM DIMM. Wiki page on dual-channel configuration mentions the DIMMs should be of same Rank even if the M/B supports modules of different capacity. Would be great if you can throw some insight on Memory Rank and its significance and also if some tool is available that can query M/B for supported memory rank.

  2. hi, this is deepak i having problem with new ram which is sdram
    of freq of pc133 mhz of 512mb. i had try to upgrade my system by this ram i got 3 beep’s sound for mother broad and display was not coming so i replaced to old ram of 128mb of same freq..
    but then again i got same beep sound their no display coming … even i changed the ram twice which i brought new one..but no use it i am getting so problem …. so what is the problem with it? and how i can resolved it . pls find me answer for this problem……

  3. hi,
    if the problems was from RAM, did it cause the pc to restart every 1 hour exactly? and just for 2 days, and the pc work noraly for just 3 weeks, than it restarts again every 1 hour.
    is that a RAM problem??
    thks for ur help

  4. i have intel d102ggc2 i installed 2 ram one with igb memory and the other with 512mb. igb is detected leavin 512mb wat shal i do for this problem

  5. hi,
    i having problem with new ram which is ddr1.the problem is when i turn on my laptop its woking well for a while..but,after sometime it stucked and suddenly one blue screen appeared then it automatically turned off.but, my laptop working well with my old ram.so,i thing there must be some problem regarding ram support.can anybody give me the solution???please????

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