[Fixed] Windows Search Not Working Properly– Index Damaged Or Corrupt

Search feature in Windows explorer is a life saver at times when you forget where you saved a particular file or folder on your PC. Windows search comes in handy and does help you search file, folders and documents using the file names, file types and in a variety of way using advanced search options. But imaging if the search stops working and you are no more able to locate the files and folders using the search option? Well it can be a big hassle and may happen because of some problem with the indexing features or index of Windows search.

For windows, search indexing is like managing the whereabouts of files and folders which you have stored on your computer, thus giving you quick results when you search for them rather than taking a lot of time to start a fresh search for the file whenever you use this features.

Windows Search

In case the search option is not working well on your computer, you can simply re-build the index of the search feature to make it start working smooth again. Simply follow these steps to re-build the index:

Step 1: Go To Control Panel > Indexing Options

22-03-2013 03-57-57 PM

Step 2: In Indexing options, click on Advanced button

indexing options

Step 3: In Advanced Options window, click on re-build.

Rebuild index

This is all you need to do. Please note that it may take few minutes to few hours to re-build the index properly depending on the number of files saved on your computer.


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