Recover deleted files in recycle bin to different location


Today we have come up with a small trouble which one of my friend faced when she tried recovering the some deleted files from recycle bin.

Recycle Bin

Problem Statement:

She deleted around 15 files from the original location and then overwritten that folder location with some new 15 files with same names. Now she wants to recover those 15 files from the recycle bin but she doesn’t get the option of recovering those files to a different location.


Let’s see how can we fix this trouble.


If you want to restore all of the files from the Recycle Bin, select them all right click and restore all.


Restoring Files or folders to a different location.


1) First select all the files to be restored and press ctrl+x

2) Locate the folder where you want the files and press ctrl+v


That’s it simple and easy trouble fixed


  1. The earlier solution works well for a small task involving a limited number of files and folders however, where you want to preserver the structure of a significant number of folders or files it is best to use a different method. viz temporarily renaming existing folders.

    In the following example “Parent Folder” is the root folder of the deleted file structure in question.
    Parent Folder >> Child 1 >> Grandchild 1 >> Great Grandchild 1 etc
    Parent Folder >> Child 2 >> Grandchild 1 >> Great Grandchild 1 etc
    ie All of the Folders and Files stored under the Parent Folder.

    1. Temporarily rename the existing “Parent Folder” as “Parent Folder HOLD”
    2. Make a NEW [empty] “Parent Folder” (ie use the same name as the original Parent Folder).
    3. Restore the recycle bin folders and files that were deleted from the original “Parent Folder”
    4. Rename the NEW temporary Parent Folder holding the recycled files “Parent Folder RECYCLED”
    5. Now reverse Step 1 and change “Parent Folder HOLD” back to its original name, “Parent Folder”

    You now have the recycled files in a folder structure adjacent to the original folder structure for easy sorting and file manipulation.

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