Refine, Decrease Windows 7 Registry Overload By Tweaking It

Now a days, windows 7 has become a popular operating system among people due to its easy to use interface and new helpful features. Also, it provides various features to users that they can personalize their operating system satisfactorily.

But in order to change your settings, you have to open every option to make changes in it and set it according to your comfort which takes quite a lot of time.

So, to save your time, there is a freeware called Windows 7 Registry Tweaker which provides a single platform for making changes in your registry.

Windows 7 Registry Tweaker is a compact (of only 522 KB) and smart tool to tweak your windows 7 easily. The application is completely portable and does not need any installation.

NOTE: It works only on 32-bit edition of windows 7.

The tool is very well categorized into different tabs of different settings. The main window mainly consists of 5 tweaks – Explorer, Start menu & Task Bar, System, Logon and Right-click menu.


In the ‘Explorer’ options, you can disable many options (either folder option or file menu and many more) by just marking the option. You can also change the list of items which come when you click in the ‘open with’ option in the ‘open with’ tab. There are also options of display and some advanced settings which can be changed accordingly.


In the ‘Start Menu & TaskBar’ option, you can restrict on certain start and taskbar options. Also, you can change the action of Power button (either to shut down or sleep or any other) in the ‘Power Button’ tab.


In the ‘System’ option, you can configure the shutdown settings, change the owner name, company name  and change windows installer settings.


In the ‘Logon’ option, you can very easily set the message that is displayed before the user logs on. You can also activate automatic login option using your username and password.


In the ‘Right-click menu’ option, you can customize the right-click menu by adding new item or removing the customized items.


This tool also provides access to windows utilities – System, disk, Network and miscellaneous.


For example, in ‘system’, you can open the device manager in which you can see the list of devices currently connected to your system.


After making all the settings, you just have to select ‘save’ and all your changes will be saved within a second. This utility saves a lot of time which is wasted in searching for the settings in different folders. So, thumbs up for it.

Download Windows 7 Registry Tweaker

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