Clean Registry, Delete Private Browsing Data, Clean Unwanted Files From Windows PC

You might find it problematic when your system gets flooded with the unnecessary and duplicate files. Sometimes, it may happen that you have to transfer some important data and you have no space for that. This critical situation needs your lot of time when you are having none. So, why to spend a lot of time to clean your system? Comodo tools has proved to be very helpful form time to time. Today, I would like to review a very useful tool named as Comodo System Cleaner. It will help you to manage the data in your system.

Comodo System Cleaner (CSC) is a freeware of 10.0 MB. It will manage to delete the duplicate files and other unwanted data. You would surely like this utility as the deletion is completely safe. All the files for deletion will be collected automatically by the utility and the files selected by you will deleted. It will ensure that no useful file may be deleted. The user interface has been displayed in the snapshot below.


Select the option Clean My Computer and all the problematic files will be selected in different cleaners. There are three types of cleaner as shown: Registry Cleaner, Privacy Cleaner and Disk Cleaner.

  • Registry Cleaner: The files related to the registry key comes under this heading. Any of the corrupted keys will be highlighted. The updating requirement or the unnecessary files will be shown.
  • Privacy Cleaner: Used to maintain the privacy and security of your system. It will delete the history, cookies and other records from your browsers and system Windows to ensure the complete security.
  • Disk Cleaner: Used to clean all the temporary files and unused data. We sometimes pile up all disks by downloading one time usable internet files. The tool will be very efficient to handle these problems.

Even if you want to see what all heading comes under which category, you may see that with the help of drop down menu along with in each section as shown in the snapshot below. Few of the issues selected can be cleaned, if not required in the future. The settings will help you to keep a backup of the deleted files. Make sure to change the desired settings before cleaning.


The force delete option can be used when you want to delete certain files according to the requirement. The snapshot below shows the options provided under this category. You can also move the files. Similarly, shredder can be used to shred files or folders/ drive/ disk.


Now, you would surely like to use CSC to manage your system. The tool has been specially designed for Windows XP/ 2003/ Vista/ 7.

Download Comodo System Cleaner

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