[Solved] Fix Google Chrome Extensions Crashes and Does Not Load on Chrome Restart

Recently I noticed that some of the google chrome extensions got crashed the moment when I resumed my windows laptop and then when I restarted google chrome none of the extensions loaded on restart. I had faced similar issue with google chrome in the past once but after google chrome restart everything was normal and all extensions started working.

This time when I restarted google chrome after extensions got crashed but none of the extensions were loaded in chrome after restart, now in order to fix all the extensions which are not loaded you manually need to load them in google chrome.

Load The Crashed Extensions in Google Chrome

Now to fix  this issue in google chrome, first you need to restart google chrome and once restarted you will need to navigate to extensions section through google chrome settings.

Google chrome settings

Once you are under google chrome settings, you need to go to extensions section and then click on reload for the enabled extensions.

reload google chrome extensions when crashed

Once you click reload the extensions will get loaded in google chrome, you might need to refresh the page or restart google chrome once again to make these extensions come into effect.


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