[Solved] Do Remote Desktop Control On Windows 7 Starter In Unattended Mode

Yes, it happens when suddenly the other day I was trying to connect to my windows 7 starter netbook connected to my TV but I found out that I could not as remote desktop does not work in any other windows 7 version except in pro and ultimate version.

To be precise windows 7 starter edition computer cannot act as a Remote Desktop [RDC] server but it can act as client for connecting other windows computer running as remote desktop server configuration, that means you can connect to other computer using remote desktop feature on windows 7 starter but cannot do the reverse.

Do Remote Desktop Control On Windows 7 Starter In Unattended Mode

But I needed to control my netbook running windows 7 starter, so I decided to search more and found out some other softwares which make this possible if both my laptop running windows 7 ultimate and my netbook running windows 7 starter are connected to internet.

Remote Desktop To Windows 7 Starter Using Teamviewer or GBridge

The possible solutions to this problem could be some free tool like Teamviewer, Gbridge and out of these two first I tried Teamviewer which allowed me to do the configuration on my netbook running windows 7 starter, follow the step by step procedure below.

First Part – Do This on windows 7 Starter Machine

1. First you need to download teamviewer and install it on both the machine but need to configure it for unattended control on the machine running windows 7 starter.

2. At the time of install you need to change the mode of connecting the machine and then need to setup for unattended access from other computer or else you can do it from teamviewer interface as well if you missed it some how during the install.

allow unattended remote control

You will see the wizard for setup of unattended access

remote desktop on windows 7 starter

Next it will ask you to create team viewer account which is again optional you can easily skip the same by selecting the right option “I don’t want to create a team viewer account”

create teamiewer account

Then it will show the Id or code which you will need to remember to control the computer running windows 7 starter remotely, make sure you note this code.

teamviewer pc id

That’s it – it is a one time thing you need to do on the machine running windows 7 starter which you want to do remote desktop control using other machine.

Second Part – Do This on Non Windows 7 Starter Machine

Now you will need to install teamviewer on other computer from which you want to do the remote desktop, and then open the screen for remote control and then enter the teamviewer id of the machine running windows 7 starter to remotely control it,

remote control to windows 7 starter

but you will also need to enter the password which you set at that time.

password teamviewer

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