[Fix] Remote Desktop Not Working And Times Out In Windows

Remote desktop is one of the most used features in connected office environment when there are a number of computers on the same network. Remote desktop is an in-built feature of Windows which allows to connect to one PC from another one and taking almost full control of it remotely.

There are many additional functionalities which you can enable using the session settings once the remote desktop is being established. In this article, I am going to talk about a typical error faced by many users and reported to us recently by one of the readers where the remote desktop is being timed-out in Windows 7.

Windows Remote Desktop

Most of the times, when you are not able to connect to a PC using remote desktop, it is the fault of some network blockage because of firewall or a bad setting preventing you to connect to the remote computer. Before spending your time and energy on troubleshooting, we recommend that you first check the network connectivity and check if you can ping the computer which you are trying to connect to, if not, them most likely there is some network problem. Do check all the wired/ wireless connection which you use to connect to the network and ensure that you are connected.

Also check the firewall settings manually if you are using a third party firewall. For Windows firewall, go to firewall settings and check under Exceptions settings that remote desktop connections are allowed on both the PC from and to which you are trying to run the remote desktop session. After this re-start your computer. If it still does not work, read the following sections.

There is a automatic Firewall service repair tool by Microsoft Fixit, simply run the tool and let it fix all the firewall issued and settings on your Windows PC. For most users, this tool will suffice to fix the remote desktop issues. Do share your comments and suggestions with us below in the comments section.


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