Remove and Delete Ask Toolbar and Its Components From Internet Explorer and Your Computer


Ask Toolbar is one of the major adware annoyance experienced by large numbers of computer users, ask toolbar gets installed through many softwares like nero and other software which have ask toolbar integrated in the software installer, when you install these software the default settings installs the ask toolbar on your computer.


When ask toolbar gets installed it will change the default home page in firefox, internet explorer and other browsers installed on your computer, which is very annoying and disturbing if you have customised home page. It will also change the default search engine to be used when you search through the search box.


Lets discuss how to remove ask toolbar and its components from your computer.


There are different methods to uninstall and remove ask toolbar from your computer depending  

Remove Ask Toolbar of Internet Explorer Via Add/remove programs

1. Go to Start, click Run.
2. Type in appwiz.cpl in run prompt, and then click OK. [ This will open add remove programs in xp and program and features in vista ]
3. Under the list of installed programs, locate and click Ask Toolbar and select to remove it.



Note: Make sure that internet explorer is not running while you uninstall ask toolbar or restart Internet Explorer for the change to take effect.

Remove Ask Toolbar of Firefox Browser

1. Click Tools on the top of Mozilla Firefox window.
2. click the Add-ons to open the toolbar list.

3. Select the ask toolbar here and click Disable or Uninstall button to disable or remove it completely.


If the above methods does not work for you for any reason then you should use the free application called Toolbar Uninstaller. It allows you to remove a large list of annoying toolbars off from your pc, it can remove many crappy adware toolbars like ask toolbar from your computer.

Download Toolbar Uninstaller


  1. hi, i tried to remove Ask from IExplorer 7 default home page using the Home icon from IE toolbar but it does not dissapear.
    But I resolve this only by entering in safe mode and it works.

  2. The Toolbar Uninstaller is sold to another guy , he says on his website he updating the software and will be ready end of 2009 . Its is mid 2010 but still it is disabled – this is become a no working program , a total useless uninstallater ! And you can not registrate and make any comment also !

  3. I was able to remove ask toolbar from my computer using Advanced System Care Professional and it’s uninstall program in utilities. I had tried every thing else with no success. Advanced System Care Professional also has an option to force an uninstall for difficult programs. Advanced System Care Professional can be found at, costs around $19 US dollars. Honestly not a bad program and runs well under Windows 7.

  4. Hi, I had got rid of rogue Ask toolbar and it’s entries via ‘about:config’ successfully in Firefox but not in Internet Explorer 7, until now.

    I clicked your second link below and downloaded the Ask Toolbar Remover. No exagerration, this is BRILLIANT! It downloads and unzips no problem and uninstalls Ask INSTANTLY.

    Thank you so very much for getting me back to google on my default browser. I now have Ask Remover shortcut permanently on my desktop for the next time I get this unwanted toolbar which, I am quite sure it will happen again as they are giving commissions to other parties. I have read on other forum where someone got Ask even after selecting ‘No’ in the relevant third party software option. I would imagine it possibly causes loss for anyone recieving homepage commision for dropshipping business. It is overdue this issue be sorted but I think we have the next best alternative and we can freely remove it when not asked for.

    Kind regards

  5. whenever I try to uninstall the toolbar, it gives me the message:

    “All Internet Explorere browser windows should be closed in order to complete the uninstallation. Please close all Internet Explorer browser windows. Click OK if you are ready to proceed with the uninstallation.”

    The options are OK or Cancel, and I don’t have any Internet Explorer browser windows open. I tried this with right after starting, I’ve tried it after closing all active programs and nothing seems to work. Please help

  6. I got infected with ask downloading a free program. deleting the ask toolbar program and rebooting was not enough. it also resets as your default home page. go into IE, click on tools, click on internet options and type in the URL for your home page

  7. Can anyone give me idiot proof instructions on how to use this Tool Bar Uninstaller? I’m trying to remove toolbar and have tried everything.
    Many Thanks

  8. to remove Ask toolbar go to: Tools-Internet Options-General-delete ask address and replace with chosen browser (e.g click on Use Default-click OK
    Before exiting you might want to click delete browsing history on exit
    Keep instructions as Ask Toolbar appears when downloading from the Internet even when you ask not to accept the program – Its A Real Nuisance (Polite exclamation!)

  9. Jesus i hate this ASK.I can not belive that one NERO accept to be part of this shit ASK tool.If u r asking me , i think this ASK is a virus and have behaving as a virus.

  10. think about uninstall “Ask” from all your browsers if you have more than one, otherwise it stays active.

  11. i have firefox, and i did exactly what you said, and it worked instantly! thanks so much!! keep it up. (:

  12. I have a bigger problem with this as the toolbar is now crashing firfox on startup I have compleatly removed the asktool bar from my computer and firefox still crashes on start up

  13. so it installed itsself onto my computer and started crashing firefox on startup I removed the program from my computer and firefox is still crashing any help?

  14. Damn trojan. Thanks for checking your files before you share them with us, you clowns.

  15. I uninstalled the ask tool bar by clicking “options” and then “uninstall” in the actual toolbar. But to uninstall the bar I had to give a permission (windows vista) to let an unknown programe access to my laptop. Only when I permitted this I was able to uninstall the tool bar (for firefox), but my computer began to act weirdly after I uninstalled the tool bar. It startet downloading things I didn’t tell it to and turned on in the middle of the night – COMPLETELY ON ITS OWN. So I woke up to see my computer turned on. Creepy? Hell yeah. I spend the rest of the night worrying my butt off. Now I have scanned my computer with McAfee anti virus and no viruses was detected. I’m very worried, that some virus is hiding in my system somewhere. Please help. What should I do?

  16. Best way to get rid of this virus is a search via regedit and your harddisk.

    Just search for and asktoolbar and delete the entries you find.

  17. I was able to uninstall it from the control panel of windows 7. There is a category “Programs” with the subtitle “uninstall programs.”

  18. Worked like a charm. Thanks! 🙂
    (thiugh that uninstaller really is a trojan. My antivirus went spaz when i tried to download it…)

  19. It appears that Ask has gotten sneeky. They changed the registery entry to AskTbar.

  20. I kept getting an error message to ‘make sure the file existed’ etc…when i tried to get rid of it thought ‘uninstall’ in program files, so if your using Google Chrome, got to:
    settings – extensions, and delete it from there.

  21. THANK YOU EMMA!! I do use Google chrome and followed your instructions and got rid of it!!! xoxo

  22. I went to add/remove programs a month ago and removed ask successfully only for it to still appear when I open on Google Chrome. What next?

  23. Solution by Rashmi Lulla (Tina) Troubleshooting Advisor. Ask Toolbar made my PC extremely slow. Changing the default browser still makes the program exist & the PC & internet speed runs slow. Following is the procedure. Open Browser, Morzilla Firefox or Internet Explorer etc. Step 1, Tools, Options, Applications, Change all applications using Ask to some other application, Click the dropdown or browse. Step 2 Go to the Google website or whichever Homepage you want, Tools, Options, General, Use Current Page as Default, Ok. Step 3 Tools, Options, Manage Add-ons, Extensions, Remove all Ask applications, Plugin, Check & Remove Ask applications, top right hand corner small star dropdown, uncheck automatically check for updates. Step 3, Tools, Options, Advanced, Uncheck Automatically install Search Engines, uncheck automatically install updates (check mark never check for updates to improve speed or let me choose which update to install), ok. Step 4, Start, Control Panel, Programs, Uninstall a program, Search 2 programs in the list, Ask toolbar and Ask toolbar updater, right click, uninstall. Step 5, Control Panel, System and Security, Windows Update, Change settings, uncheck install updates automatically and select any other option from the dropdown, ok, On this same page any other applications or websites that have check for updates automatically should be unchecked, ok. Some or all of the steps may be required.

  24. In reference to Emma’s solution, when in Google Chrome, where do you go to “settings” in order to remove the ask toolbar?

  25. The ASK toolbar is the most frustrating thing I have ever encountered in my 10 years of cruising the Internet. I used Revo Uninstaller to remove the pest from my Control Panel and Registry but the damn thing is stuck like glue to all my browers( ie Chrome,Firefox andIE) . Moreover, it is a managed extension and I just can’t seem to find the right software to get the damn thing out.I tried reinstalling Chrome but the pest refuses to go away. Any suggestions pleaase???

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