[How To] Remove Annoying Ads / Torrent Suggestions From uTorrent

µTorrent or uTorrent is one of the best and most user friendly Torrent clients besides being extremely popular. But recently, after updating to the version 3.2, I started seeing some suggested torrent downloads at the top right location just above the downloads list on the uTorrent client on my windows PC. This may be a good way for uTorrent to promote popular content and maybe push some sponsored download links as well, but it may not look too good to the users. Also on the bottom left, there was a small square ad which was much less intrusive and felt quite Ok.

After I started seeing this ad, I tried to close it with the small cross mark, but press the cross mark just removes the one suggestion which is visible and another one comes up and this goes on. So you don’t get rid of it by pressing the cross symbol. On some research online, I found one effective way to remove these two ads which I share with you in this article here.

Remove utorrent ads (2)

This is how the ads looks like, you can see the snapshots above and below. If you are not bothered about these suggestion on ads, you can leave them as it is, but if you get annoyed with the extra stuff, below are few simple steps to remove them.

Remove uTorerent Ads

Remove Ads from uTorrent Top Right and Bottom Left Corners

Simply follow the steps below to remove the ads shown at the top right and bottom left corner on the uTorrent client in Windows.

Step 1: Launch uTorrent and in the menu, go to  Options > Preferences > Advanced

Step 2: In advanced settings, there is a text box named Filter to filter the settings. Be careful with these settings and type, offer.

Step 3: When you type offer, you will see multiple entries, locate these two- “left_rail_offer_enabled” and “sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled”.

Step 4: By default, these two entries are true, just double click on them and they will be set to false value. After this just press the Ok button at the bottom of the preferences window.

Step 5: Close the uTorrent Clint (right click and exit in the windows tray) and start it again. This is it, the result is below for you to see, the uTorrent 3.2.1 running without ads.

Remove utorrent ads (3)

Remove utorrent ads (4)

We hope you find this tutorial easy to follow and simple, share it with your friends also. Check out some more tips and tricks by Trouble Fixers.


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