How To Stop Google Chrome New Tab to Open Claro Search as Home Page

Freeware software’s for windows are in bulk so you can actually do a lot more things for free in windows as compared to Mac Os but everything comes at a cost, so most of the free software by different developer try to find ways to make money, so they either become donationware in which they ask the user for a donation money as per user own decision on the amount.

But things become more worse when developer decide to bundle adware or crap programs like search which gets installed in google chrome, firefox and internet explorer as these adware browser extensions gets installed automatically with these free software.

One such similar thing happened with me last night, when I installed a freeware software called ViStart which is a start menu for windows 8, I read things and unchecked many things while installing it on windows 8 but some how still, I could see the new Claro search page open up in google chrome every time I launch google chrome or open a new tab.


It was very annoying to see claro search page load every time in new tab or as home page so I decided to get rid of it.

Remove Claro Search As Home Page in Google Chrome

In order to delete claro search home page in google chrome, you first need to go in google chrome settings


Under settings, you will need to click the options to set home pages in google chrome where you can remove claro and specify other pages like


Under specific pages list you will see the claro search entry which you can remove and enter other web pages to open when you open new tab in google chrome or start google chrome.


Once you remove claro page under the new tab pages, you will need to navigate to google chrome extensions page and disable and remove the extension named claro toolbar which is a background extension in google chrome.


then remove this extension in google chrome by clicking the delete bin icon.


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