Stop Windows 8 Modern UI Photos To Pop Up For Photos Import For Camera Memory Cards

One of most annoying thing for new windows 8 users is the windows modern UI as many of them like it but if annoys them it becomes a pain for users to get away from the modern UI, but unfortunately windows 8 options are such that for every other thing you want to do a Metro UI app will open up and ask you use it for example for every link you click it will open in Internet Explorer 10 which is full screen and does not offer much features and on the other hand recently when I was trying to access the photos on my camera memory card, the metro UI photos app pops up every time for the photos import, whenever I insert the memory card in the SD card slot on my laptop running windows 8.


Now every time, I need to click the cancel button to stop this photo import, I was annoyed because my primary purpose was not to import photos but to select specific files on the memory card and copy them, I could have done the same through the photos app but I was more convinced with the old windows explorer which was in my control and does not require a learning curve to do a simple task unlike photos app on windows 8.

Disable Modern Photos App to Launch For Photo Import in Windows 8

In order to stop windows 8 modern photos app to launch every time you connect the memory card, you will need to reconfigure the auto play settings for this. Follow the step by step procedure below.

1. Press Windows + w to open search


2. Now type Autoplay


3. Now Under the Memory Card autoplay settings, select the option to ask me everytime or any other option as per your own preference, make sure to not select photos app to import the photos from memory card here.


Make sure to select some other option and click save button. This is how you can get rid of photos app popping up again and again when you connect your memory card.

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