Remove Metadata Including EXIF, XMP, Photoshop Data From Multiple JPEG Pictures At Once

Downloading images from the Internet, transferring and sharing them has become a very common task for all the users. You might have seen that whenever you download an image, some metadata for that image also comes along with it. Metadata is basically used to identify images by attributes such as color depth, resolution, time of creation, authors name, camera model and many more such attributes. Along with all the above mentioned attributes, this metadata may also include some of your personal information that you may have entered while editing the metadata through some utility or software. Although, to some extent it is fine to edit this data but you must be careful as it can create a privacy issue if you are giving these images to someone else, or choosing to distribute over the internet. So, in order to prevent you from such issues and scenario, we present a small utility which may prove to be helpful in such cases.

BatchPurifier Lite is basically a small, easy to use and a useful freely available tool which has been developed especially for batch metadata removal. This application allows you to delete metadata information from JPEG images in order to save you from above mentioned crisis. It helps in removing metadata including XMP, Comments, ICC Profile, EXIF, Photoshop Image Resources and Other Hidden Data.


One may easily download the utility from the link given below and only in few steps it can be easily installed in the system. After installing it, you may start the app, and then you need to click Add Folder button available on the right side. After this you need to select the folder containing your images from which you need to remove the metadata. Here, one of the most important feature of this utility is that this smart tool i.e. BatchPurifier Lite allows you to add multiple folders to remove metadata tags from your images, thus enabling the operation in batches.

Now, let us talk about its working. After adding all the required folders, you need to click Next and then you need to choose the type of data that you want to include in the removal process. You can choose from EXIF (including thumbnail and geo-tag), Photoshop Image Resources, XMP, Comments, ICC Profile and Other Hidden Data.

One of the advices that we may give you is in order to avoid the mess up of the original folders, you must select a new folder for saving the processed files. Otherwise, if you think it is fine then you can just choose to overwrite the original files and click Finish.

Download BatchPurifier Lite

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