Remove or Edit Automatic Linking Phrases or Links In Windows Live Writer

Many bloggers use Windows Live Writer desktop client for Windows to update their blogs, so do we. It is an excellent tool to edit content, publish directly to the blog on various platforms including the popular WordPress platform. There is a very useful feature in which a user an hyperlink a text automatically it appears the very first time in the Windows Live Writer Window. To use this feature, simply right click  the hyperlink inside the Live Writer and click on “Add To Auto Link List” option. This feature woks effortlessly and makes linking inside an article automatic and trouble free. But what if you somehow end up linking an invalid URL, or say you need to update the URL later? Don’t worry, there is a very simple solution to the same which we will share in this article. Here we share with you how you can Add, Edit, Modify or Remove a particular Auto Linking Phrase, work, URL in Windows Live Writer URL Auto Linking Feature.


The solution is very simple and is earlier than you might expect. Simply follow these steps change, edit, remove modify or add new links to the windows live writer automatic linking feature:

Step 1: Simply click on the blue drop down menu arrow on the top left side corner of the Windows Live Writer and click Options. This will open the Options or Preferences Window.


Step 2: On the options Windows, click on “Automatic Linking” on the left hand side pane this will display the Automatic links list on the middle of the Window. Scroll down and click on the Automatic Link which you want to remove, delete or modify, and click on Edit or Remove button whatever action you need for that link or word or phrase.


Step 3: Simply Edit to update the link or Delete it as per your need. In case of Remove or Delete, Windows Live Writer will ask for your confirmation saying “Are you sure you want to delete this auto-link entry?” . Click yes to proceed.



This is it, its as simple as this. Please share your suggestion and comments below. If you would like to as a question related to it, you can ask it in the comments below or on our question answer portal here.

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