[Solved] Repair Windows Desktop Wallpaper Turns Black After Every 60 Minutes

Some of our readers reported a windows problem in which the current desktop wallpaper becomes black, this could be due to virus some times but most of the times it happens when fail to activate windows and it can happen with any versions of windows.

There was a update pushed from Microsoft last year in October 2011 which does this, in case you are using not genuine windows or windows on your computer is not activated with the set time frame, you could see the desktop wallpaper turns to black after every 60 minutes, it shows that your copy of windows is illegal.

Windows Black Desktop Wallpaper

In such case when you realise that windows installed is illegal and desktop wallpaper goes black after every 60 minutes or set time interval you can easily get rid of this by purchasing windows, you can buy windows online at windows and then change the key by following this guide which can easily make your windows genuine using the right way.

In this case there can be several ways to either fix the black wallpaper or remove it by following some methods mentioned below.

Method 1: Easy Fix By Accessibility Options

Open Control Panel > Ease of Access > Ease of Access Center > Make the computer easier to see. Scroll down to the bottom and uncheck the box for “Remove all Background Images“. Then click “Apply”, then click “OK”, and you are done – the black wallpaper will be removed and default windows wallpaper will get displayed instantly.

Method 2: Another Way To Fix This Is Done Rename The Wallpaper File

Now this way to fix the problem is done by altering the files due to which this is happening, open windows explorer and go to the following path by typing copy pasting the same in Run prompt and press enter.

Transcoded Wallpaper

In this directory you will see the file TranscodedWallpaper.jpg [ which is actually not a image ] and another file named slideshow.ini – rename the transcodedwallpaper.jpg to another name you want and open the slideshow.ini in notepad and delete all the contents of the file. Please Note that Only the header “[Slideshow]”, without the quotes, should be left. A reboot is required until you see this method fix come into effect.

Method 3: Restrict Wallpaper To Change In Windows [ Involves Registry Editing ]

The last simple way to stop wallpaper to change is done by following registry editing. Follow the steps given below.

1. Press Windows + R and type ‘regedit’ without quotes and then press enter

2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies

3. Next in Right Hand Side, right click > New > DWORD > name it as “NoChangingWallPaper”.

Restrict Wallpaper Change In Windows

4. The DWORD value 1 will restrict change in desktop wallpaper. To allow change give it value as 0.

Disclaimer – All the information on this page is for educational purpose and we are not responsible any damage that may occur to your computer, please make sure to backup registry before adopting the Method 3.


  1. AWESOME!!! Thanks so much. First step fixed the problem. Appreciate the help. And people say the internet is full of baloney!!!

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