Remove Unwanted Downloads And Softwares From Computer

It is not uncommon to find many unwanted downloaded softwares, which come bundled with some software you installed, or many unwanted toolbars which get activated and downloaded when you try to upgrade something. Many a times when we go to play games on Internet, it downloads extra add-ons before you can play such games.

There are numerous way of getting unwanted stuff also known as bloatware which increases the load on your computer and makes it slow. In this article, we share with you some solution and tips to avoid such troubles.


Try Uninstalling Recently Installed Programs

First of all, go to Control Panel > Add Remove Programs / Programs and Features and uninstall recently installed software which you have not installed. To check which are recently installed, sort them by date and see which ones are recently installed. Be careful not to uninstall windows update hotfixes. You can also try some automatic uninstall tools to help to you this more efficiently.

You will find that many of these programs or toolbars which are bugging you are not really there in the installed programs list, for them you need to take further action, read on.

Toolbar Removal

Removing toolbars maybe quite simple at time and difficult sometimes. Easiest way to remove a tool-bar is to locate any button to disable it on the toolbar itself, if not there, try right clicking on it. If that too does not work check the extensions, or add-ons or installed plugins sections in the browser and see if you can remove toolbars from there. Some toolbars are too sticky, you can remove them using some general toolbar removal tools. You can also use specific toolbar removers like Ask toolbar remover for specific toolbars.

It is always a wise idea to install new programs cautiously and check the install screen carefully for any unwanted toolbar or extension being bundled with it by default.

General Cleaning

It is a good practice to uninstall programs which you have not used for a long time and don’t intent to use in future. Doing it manually, say once every two months or so, will keep the computer fast as well as will reduce the vulnerabilities of computer attacks because of outdated software versions.

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