Remove History Of USB Pen Drive, Hard Disk And Other USB Devices From Windows PC

Few weeks back we shared a freeware with you which can check what USB Pen Drives or Hard Disks or other USB Devices were connected with a Windows PC.  In this article, we will share a freeware tool which does simply the reverse of that – USB Oblivion – Tool Which Removes Traces Of Connected USB Pen Drives, Hard Disk Drives, USB Printers etc. connected to Windows PC. Whenever you connect a USB device to Windows PC, it remembers the device by making an entry in Windows registry. This record can be retrieved or opened with tools like – USB History Viewer. You may want to remove the traces of USB devices connected to a Windows PC for several reasons. Some of the reasons may be related to privacy. Another reason is that some USB devices may not work properly if some registry entry is messed up, when you remove such history, the device may start working when the entry is removed from registry.


image  – USB Oblivion Tool To Remove History of USB Devices

The USB Oblivion tool is a portable tool which can be run from a CD or Pen drive without requiring any installation. This tool is very lightweight and can be run on both 32-bit and 64-bit installation of Windows starting from Windows 2000 to Windows 7. In its default mode, it just runs a simulation, to make it actually delete all the history from registry, you need to check the checkboxes at the bottom which says “Do real clean”.

It is recommended that when you do a real clean, you should also check the checkbox below to save backup. This is important as many USB devices may stop working if some vital information is removed. So if the removal turns out to trouble some functionality of your computer, you can revert it to original state using the .reg backup file created while the cleaning process.

Download USBOblivion


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  1. USB Oblivion tool is not working for me, Its leaving the traces of Blackberry and other phones that got connected in the past.

    Please suggest.

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