Remove your pen drive and autorun viruses with smart virus remover


We receive a majority of virus problems which are due to virus which spread through pen drives, cd’s and other portable devices like mp3 players, ipod etc.


Today, we have come up with a free tool called smart virus removal by Muhammad Abdullah. This small tool will let you remove a group of viruses from your system including the following list of viruses.

  • Virus.Win32.AutoIt.a.a
  • Virus.Win32.AutoRun.abt.a
  • im.worm.win32.sohanad.t.a
  • Trojan.Win32.Agent.abt.aTrojan-Downloader.Win32.AutoIt.aa.a
  • Trojan-Downloader.Win32.AutoIt.q.a

Let’s see how can you use smart virus remover tool to eliminate any on these mentioned viruses from your computer or pen drive.


Smart Virus Remover is simple tool which gives you four main options for virus removal, which includes:

  • Delete Autorun.inf files
  • Restore Windows to default settings
  • Remove Virus  from a Folder
  • Remove Virus from USB

If your windows drive does not open mouse double click, you can also easily delete those autorun.inf files which stops a drive being opened on mouse double click, this utility will be most help full in such a kind of associations.


We hope this tool which will help delete autorun.inf viruses from your computer and also on other portable drives, Smart virus removal tool was quit forum like History, EULA,Disclaimer, Newer Version Check .

Download Smart Virus Remover


  1. Hi all,

    When i insert my Pen Drive in any system it detects but I’m not able to Initialise my Pen Drive & format my pen drive. Is there any solution to initialise & make use of it. If any solution is there please update me on

    Srikanth SVS

  2. it’s great wow!!! what an innovation it really works i urge everybody to try it

  3. removed all the virus that symatech and nothorn couldn’t locate great software and it’s free

  4. Hai guys .I have been suffering from above mentioned virus like any thing .I have just seen this website and let me try.Any how great work for the sake of world wide web,

    Suri Raghuram
    From up coming super power THE INDIA

  5. this software deletes the autorun but dis file comes back again, & again the software asks for removing….& the process goes on…

  6. hye,i have problem to my pendrive (2GB kingston datatraveler 101 g2). when i want to open it, it need to fomat disk first but the disk is write protected.
    how i want to solves thi problem?

  7. To access your pen drive (this is for windows, apple i dont know) right click on start and click explore! then in the folder viewer toolbar on the left scroll up and select the + besides your usb!
    and voila 😀

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