Repair Boot Errors In Boot Loader With Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

Usually, when our computer is attacked by viruses, the anti-virus installed in our system removes them but many a times, our computer is hit by some threats which are not removed by the present anti-virus.

Also, sometimes, the condition gets so critical that our system does not even boot up on its own. At that time, we need outside tool to rescue us from this condition.

Considering this problem, Norton has come up with a Bootable Recovery Tool which gets you back up and running fast if you are in the above situation.

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool is compatible with Windows 7, vista and xp (service pack 2 or 3).

You first have to download the tool and run it with administrator privileges which will ask you to download the process. After the download, it will start automatically and its main window appear like this.


From here, you can either make a CD, DVD, USB or an ISO file so that whenever you encounter a situation where your system cannot boot.

For making a CD/DVD, you just have to click the option of ‘Create CD/DVD media’. Here, you can also add drivers by just browsing them in your system. You can also select the desired language from the list of around 20 languages. After all the settings, you just have to select ‘Next’ and its done.


Similarly, you can also create this recovery tool on an USB by just specifying the USB drive. It will be a great relief to the people whose CD-ROM are not in working condition.

NOTE: Your computer must support USB booting for the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool to run on a USB device.

This tool also provides the option of updating your USB recovery tool so that you do not have to create USB recovery tool again and again. You can just update it in the option of ‘Update USB key definitions’ and use the latest version whenever required.


You can also make an ISO file of this tool by just specifying the location where you want the file to be created and click ‘Next’. In it, you can also add drivers if you want.


In short, it is a nice recovery tool to have with you.

Download Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

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  1. After downloading the Norton bootable recovery tool I restarted my computer as prompted and now it tells me the “attempted operation unsuccessful” and the computer shuts down on its own. What do I do now?

  2. when ever I have problem with my windows os. I use Bart PE and use checkdisk to repair the disk.

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