How To Repair Corrupt Word Documents


Some word documents do not open on double clicking especially when that document is made by someone else on some other computer with another version of MS word, or some other software.


It happened to that I needed to open an important work related document and I got this error-screen from MS word 2003 and MS word 2007 respectively. It Says

Word was unable to read this document It may be corrupt.

The Office Open XML file cannot be opened because there are problems with contents.

The file is corrupted and cannot be opened

Microsoft Word 2003 Document Corrupt

Microsoft Word 2003 Document Corrupt

Lets see a very easy and quick way of repairing such documents.


How To Fix Corrupt Word Document?



The fix is really easy and quick. Just Open the Microsoft Word software, click on File > Open. In Open dialogue box, select the document you want to repair, now click on a small arrow on the side of the Open button. It will show a drop down menu, click on Open and Repair. It will repair the document. See the snapshots for Microsoft Word 2003 and Microsoft Word 2007 below. Click to enlarge these images.

Open Microsoft Word 2003 Document


Open Microsoft Word 2007 Document

How to Repair Microsoft Word 2003 Document Repair Microsoft Word 2007 Document

Hope you find this solution easy and handy. For more such How to Fix Solutions in your inbox for free, click here.


  1. I heard about not bad application-repair word 2007 files, can try to open your report in Microsoft Word format, that you have been preparing for a week, but in vain,tool can recover your data from corrupted *.doc files, located on corrupted media: floppy and CD disks, flash and zip drives, etc,can work with .doc, .docx, .dot and .dotx files and with any version of Microsoft Word text editor.

  2. Unfortunately, the “Open and Repair” option doesn’t always work – and it’s NEVER worked for me. I’m still struggling to open 1/2 of my Word 2003 documents, and even docs created in 2007 but saved in Word 97-2003 format will not open.

  3. when i am opening word documents it shown “that microsoft word has encountered a problem and needs to close.we are sorry for the inconvenience”.

    how can i overcome this problem.please help me

  4. Hi, concerning the corrupted word 2007 docx or XML which says:
    “The Office Open XML file New Text Document.docx cannot be opened because there are problems with the content.”

    You can open it in WORD 2003 and then save it as word doc 2003.

    I used it and worked

    If you want to keep the same special format of 2007 open the saved as doc 2003 in word 2007.

    if it is not working try fixing programs like docx2txt

    Thanks bye

  5. When I got this message my heart sank, because I have been working on a novel for the past two years and all gone in a flash. All I saw was this error. I tried every gimmick from document repair tool, Stellar word repair. Both claimed they can repair any corrupted document, but both failed horribly. So I was freaking out, and about to cry. Then my older brother said,”Let me try something” so he jumped on made a copy of my document, and pasted it on the desktop. He with through trial and errors, and tried a simple and easy fix. He changed the extension from *.docx to *.doc and viola! my document works. Hope this helps out everybody.

    1. Make a copy of the of the document.

    2. Change the extension from *.docx to *.doc

    3. And then open it.

  6. Why does MS Word 2007 suck so bad!?! I will be using it just fine 1 day then the next to seemingly no reason it can’t even open a document. This is not the first time I have had issues with it.
    Sometimes I can open word without clicking on a document, but then it crashes after that without even trying to open a document.

    my question for microsoft: Can you make something that works for once? this is stupid, we pay for this and (at least my company) it is required for my job.

    does anyone know if they failed to fix some bug or something?

  7. I’m using word 2003. After i have save the file it’s become the ***.tmp. i don’t know with that file. But after that i trial to open againt the file. its can not open. got the table it writing the file is corrupted. To recover the contents of the table select the table and choose convert table to text from the table manu. I was following the information but i can’t repair the file.

  8. I tried the aforementioned tips to repair my file but wasn’t successful. i need some other ways for i need to submit my papers tomorrow….help me out

  9. I used “Open and Repair” option instead of selecting just “Open” while opening the file.

  10. Jesse P. your brother and you saved my life! I was working at my bachelor degree and the same error “happened” to me . Thank you so much for sharing your brothers solution! IT WORKED!

  11. you saved my document by your instructions my document corrupted and was able to recover it.thank you brother for the solutions

  12. So somebody I know formatted a users flash drive and I am able to recover the files with a data recovery program. But it says the following when trying to open the file “The file “” cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents. The file is corrupt and cannot be opened”

    Any ideas????

  13. I used a recovery software to recover my files. After recovering all the file when i try opening it, it says that file is corrupt. Any help for me? All files, Jpeg, Video file, audio file, MS Office files, PDF, basically every file recovery even though it initiates can’t open. HELP ME.

  14. @ Jesse P.

    Your brother is a genius! nothing worked until I tried this! I’m so happy right now.

    thanks for posting that!

  15. i try 2 solve my word doc. problem by your but its z same if u have any idea pls tell me

  16. just right_click on the word doc. that u want to open then sellect edit instead of open. then save it as the format u wish to save.then “WALA”……….one love!

  17. Thanks so much to kazem. My grant file got corrupted (4 days of work) because I saved it (I think) as a doc file instead of docx. It would not open and I was really upset. I used to convert the document back to docx and it worked!!! My file was fixed. Thanks kazem!!

  18. Dear Friends,

    My SD card data completly corrupted. But the data is most useful and important. Can anyone tell me which software is good for recovering data from corrupted one.

    Kindly help me as soon as possible.


  19. I was unable to open a ‘rescued document’ that corrupted in Word 2007 through all the fixes listed (rename, open word & browse to it then choose open & repair; or changing the extension from docx to doc).

    I was successful by renaming it & opening it on a PC with MS Word 2003 – it errored saying it was made in a newer version but could open it as plain text- said okay & i could then extract the text I needed from it.

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