Repair, Fix CD/DVD Drive Does Not Read or Write In Windows

As we know for transferring media from one system to another or to take a complete backup for all your data in the computer, CD/DVD proves to be very useful and is commonly used for these purposes. Other than this, CD/DVD Drive is also used for entertainment purpose as songs, movies and other stuff could be copied to or from the system into them. But, what if you are unable to access your CD/DVD drive due to some failure and that too you are unable to detect. Sometimes, due to some reasons your Windows PC may fail to recognize the CD or DVD drive while reading or writing to the CD/DVD drive. In such cases, you may observe that media on the drive cannot be read or written, stating an error that the drive cannot be found or is not connected or something else.


Now, in order to fix such issue and to make sure that your CD/DVD drive works fine Microsoft itself has provided a solution. Here is the way by which you can fix this issue using Microsoft Fix it solution center. For this, simply go to the page from the link given below and there on that page simply click on the ‘Run now’ button to download MicrosoftFixit.dvd.Run.exe tool. It will automatically be downloaded in your computer within no time. Once downloaded simply double click on the tool to run it and click on the ‘Accept’ button to proceed further.

You will observe that installation starts and once it is completed just check whether Windows Online Troubleshooting Service is enabled on your PC or not. If it is enabled then simply click on ‘Get latest troubleshooting packs’ and this will install the Troubleshooter in your computer.


Now, after all these steps, simply select one of the option available with the tool which comes as ‘Detect problems and let me select the fixes to apply’. Then, it will ask you to select the drive that you like to troubleshoot and you can select it from the available options. After selecting the drive you have to mention and select one of the option such as play/burn CD/DVD in which the drive has been malfunctioning. Once selected, you may observe that the tool run the diagnosis and display the issues found. After looking into them you may simply select the fixes to apply and proceed to the next step. It will automatically start the procedure of fixing them and it may take some time to apply the selected fixes and verify them. Once all the troubleshooting steps are completed, you can view a report of the issues fixed.

So, in this way you can fix the issues related with your CD/DVD drives in a very simple and easy manner.

Fix It for CD/DVD drive

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