Repair invalid or corrupt archive errors in downloaded files


It happens many a times that you download some file which you badly need, and the downloaded file is a ZIP or a RAR file. Now first thing you do is open the file with windows default utility or WinZIP.

Many a times we get an error saying that “it does not appear to be a valid archive”,or “The compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted” as seen in pop-up below:



This happens mainly because while downloading or copying of files some of the important parts of the file get corrupt. In some cases, the damage is repairable and in some cases it is not.

Lets us see how to fix this problem.


Some of the archives are repairable and can be easily repaired with WinRAR utility. You can download and use the evaluation version from RARLAB.

Once you install WinRAR, follow the steps as below:

  • Run it and browse to the compressed file or folder.
  • Right click on the zip-archive or rar-archive.
  • Choose the option Repair Archive as seen in picture below.

Note: Please refer to terms and conditions at for terms of use of WinRAR.

If This does not solve your trouble, we recommended to download or copy the rar-archive file again.


  1. There is fine tool-repair zip archive,
    this program is very easy to use, can recover damaged archives in Zip format, supports all Windows operating
    systems, starting from Windows 98, i.e. Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP SP2, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista,features programs zip repair techniques, that allow recovering content even from password-protected archives, if your *.zip document contains many files and subfolders, this program for repairing zip files preserves the initial data structure.

  2. Hi, your download and scan did not help me, the corrupt file is still on my cpu, and i cannot remove it….thanks geo

  3. archive is damaged or is invalid format it show me this wenn i open evrything how to fix it ?!

  4. Does anyone else find it funny that in the screen shot it is the evaluation copy of WinRaR? Not only that but there are a lot of files on there; I bet the evaluation period has expired.

  5. I have a ziped folder. If i try to right click and open with compressed folders i see one file being created with the same name as the folder with no extension. I dont know what is this junk file.
    Can you please clear my doubt.

  6. Ok so I tried to open my .minecraft folder to install a new mod,
    and it comes up with a message saying “Invalid or corrupt Jarfile”
    Can anyone help me with this?
    This never happened before…

  7. I have the problem but my zip file is .7z and winrar says it can only do zip and rar files. How do I repair .7z?

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