Reset your files and folders attribute to normal with isReset [ Virus Removal Tools ]


It happens sometimes when some malware change your files’s or folder attribute to system/hidden so that you can’t access them.














When you try to change the attributes of your files back to normal to access them but when you try to change the attributes they seem to be grayed out.


Today we are going to discuss a free tool called isReset that is designed to deal specially with this type of computer trouble and remove the left over virus infections.


Let see some features and how to use this tool.



What is isReset?


isReset resets your system/hidden files/folders so you can view/access them normally.


How To Use ?


Simply drag & drop your files/folders into the cross sign and then click RESET.




Please Note:

1. As this tool is a security software that deals with file system, windows registry and some system running process, so it MUST be given all the admin rights it require to do its job. So make sure you are running a administrator account on windows before using this tool.


2. We would also recommend to disable other security solutions like anti virus , Firewall and other monitoring tools.

[ Download isReset ]
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