Resize Any Window Without Using Mouse

Most of us especially notebook users find it irritating to grab the corners of a window using touchpad to resize it or to move it only from the title bar. At that time, we wonder of a tool which will provide a solution to this problem.

Recently, i found out this tool called AltDrag which mainly helps you in dragging the window with the mouse placed anywhere on it. You just have to hold the ‘Alt’ key while doing this.

AltDrag is a tiny application (only of 144kb) which runs in the system tray and can be enabled and disabled with a click on the icon. It is compatible with windows 7, vista and xp.


You can also resize windows by using either the middle or right mouse button.

For advanced users, there are also some additional configuration options that can be applied by editing the .ini file.

First one is the ‘Cursor’. It gives you a way to disable the cursor change when you drag windows.

The next one is the ‘AutoStick’ option. It makes windows always sticky to other windows without the need to press shift. There are three different settings:
1. Automatically stick to the screen borders and the taskbar.
2. Also automatically stick to the outside of windows.
3. Also automatically stick to the inside of windows.

There is also an option of ‘Language’ which will lets you change the language of AltDrag. You can currently choose between English, Spanish, Galician, Korean and Russian.

Likewise, there are options of ‘Blacklist’ and ‘Hookwindows’ whose explanation is given in the file itself.


You can also configure what keys should trigger the alt-dragging, resizing, and the other mouse actions.

You just have to write the Hex value of that key from here:

Left alt key: A4
Right alt key: A5
Left Windows key: 5B
Right Windows key: 5C

You can also configure what the mouse buttons do, in the image shown below:


NOTE: Remember to run this tool as administrator otherwise you will not be allowed to make changes in the .ini file.

You can also start this tool automatically at the start of windows by enabling the option of ‘Autostart’ in the right-click menu of the icon.


In short, it is a small tool but with many configurations available by which you can personalize this tool and use it accordingly.

Download AltDrag

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