Restore Missing Send To Compressed Zipped Folder in Send To Menu


It’s quite a common problem that you find some option missing from your Send To menu, one of our reader Kavi reported one problem regarding Send To menu when Compressed Zipped Folder disappeared from Send To Menu


In my PC when I try to send any file to Compress doing right click on it, where the option SEND TO COMPRESSED FOLDER should be visible, that is disappear from the menu.  


This option is for making zipped file of a heavy files or combining a group of files together in a zipped package. This problem can occur in Window XP or Windows Vista


Let’s see how can we solve this problem Windows XP and Windows Vista

Method 1:

Restore Compressed Zipped Folder (Windows XP)

1. Click Start >> Run and type the following command and press enter

rundll32 zipfldr.dll,RegisterSendto


Method 2:

Restore Compressed Zipped Folder ( Windows Vista )

1. Click Start >> Run and type the following command and press enter



2. Download this zip file from here and extract it your opened Send To menu at below path

C:\Documents and Settings\<user_name>\SendTo


<user_name> is the username of your windows login account.


That’s it! Now you will see the Compressed Zipped Folder in your Send To menu.


  1. Thanks for this. Now the only thing I need to sort out is the ‘Open with…’ in the context menu as it never gives a choice and just automatically tries to open any file with Notepad.

  2. I’m a desktop support tech and I have a user with this issue (xp). The command above did restore the compressed send to option fine the first time we went to use it but if we go back and try to use it a second time the “compressed…” option is gone again. Could this be something other than a virus. I tried removing the option on another computer and restoring with the run command using an account with no local admin rights and it worked fine.

  3. I used method 1 however, I noticed this cannot be run unless the user profile has admin access, due to the zipfldr.dll file being in the system32 folder. Also for some reason I had to make a copy of the SendTo\Compresses(zipped) Folder and copy it to the users profile.

    dig your site!

  4. This method will only work in Windows XP. It’ll not work in Vista and 7:

    1. Type following command in RUN dialog box:

    rundll32 zipfldr.dll,RegisterSendto

    2. It’ll re-create the missing “Compressed (zipped) Folder” option in “Send To” menu.

  5. It’s not a difficult as it seems. In Windows 7, navigate to C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo

    Right click on Compressed (zipped) folder, go to Properties and uncheck Hidden

    After this Compressed (zipped) folder shows up under right click|Send To

  6. The problem is you shouldn’t have to download any extra programs – Windows XP performs this task as part of the OS.

  7. I tried all of these, and the Compressed (zipped) folder is still not an option when I right-click and go to send to. Is there anything else I can do, I have to be able to use this for school…

  8. Hi,

    I have to use this command everytime I compress a file – which is a hell of a lot for work.

    Is there a more permanent solution to this issue, or do I have to keep on with this fix?

    I should mention that I use the command in cmd so it’s not exactly a hardshit hitting up > enter everyime, it’s just annoying the hell out of me!


  9. I’m still having trouble putting the compressed option on the send to drop down menu.

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