Restore, Recover Deleted Ubuntu Top Panel

Ubuntu is one such great version of Linux which has been improved a lot since its made public, some days back I was playing around the option in Ubuntu 10.04 on my desktop machine, suddenly I right clicked on the top panel shown in Ubuntu and selected Delete This Panel. Once I did this mistake the top panel was gone and I found my self helpless in opening any application or could not even open home folder on my Ubuntu.


If you have also deleted top panel in Ubuntu due to any reason and wants to restore it back then follow the procedure below.

There are 2 ways with which you can re create the top panel in Ubuntu, the first one requires you to type some commands and other one just require you to download and run the script to restore the top panel menu in Ubuntu.

Method 1:

1. Press Alt+F2 , and in the run dialog box, type gnome-terminal then click on Run button as shown in the image below


2. Once you see the terminal type the following commands one by one :

gconftool-2 --shutdown
rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/panel
pkill gnome-panel


3. Once you have typed all these commands you will see the top panel will appear again in Ubuntu.

Method 2: Via

PanelRestore is a small program that will allow you to restore the default Ubuntu panels quickly. it will also allow you to backup and restore your existing panel configurations. In order to restore the top panel, just download the archive and extract the script Double click on this file and you will be presented with a pop-up window asking you what you want to do – click Run button.


Download Ubuntu Top Panel Restore Script


  1. The problem that I have, is I am missing the Menu Bar in my Open Office suite, PysolFC.
    This appeared when I installed Mint 9 (Gnome), If I try PCLinuxOS (Gnome), It is there ,but not Mint 7,8,and9.
    Thanking you

  2. Further to my previous problem ; Where File, Edit, etc should be, there are just lines , if I goto Tools, and try to access options ,etc. I still get lines

  3. It might be helpful, and would set this page above all the others I’ve seen with identical information, if (in an instance where the panels do NOT reappear after the pkill step) that you instruct folks to alt-F2 again and enter “gnome-panel”. THIS is the step that brings it back. There’s no guarantee that gnome-panel will restart on its own once “killed.”

    Computers are dumb, keep in mind. They can only do what you the user tell them to do. If the last thing you tell them is to quit something you Actually Want To See, and do nothing more, then that makes you the user as dumb as the computer. PBCAK all around.


  4. thank you so much i’m a slow person when it comes down to this and u helped me soo much u don’t even know……………………………. the other site didn’t work but this one did = ))))))

  5. Thanks for the steps provided to recover the top worked well on ubuntu.this tutorial is very helpful whoever deleted accidentally top panel in ubuntu.

  6. Put the below script in a file with .sh as extension:
    gconftool-2 –shutdown
    gconftool –recursive-unset /apps/panel
    rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/panel
    pkill gnome-panel
    run it from the terminal.
    And you will get what you want.

  7. Thank you so much! It is always a pleasure when people take out time out of their busy lives to assist good balls like me!!!! 🙂

  8. Thanks for this way of retrieving the deleted desktop-panel. It is so helpful.


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