Disable Facebook Timeline View And See Old Style Facebook Profiles

Facebook has been evolving fast as one of the leading Social Networking service with more and more users signing up every minute. With the new changes and developments, Facebook keeps adding features and cosmetic changes very frequently. One of the most noticeable changes in the design of Facebook in the recent past has been the addition of Timeline Features. In the initial phase, it was rolled out to a few user profiles, but now it seems to have been rolled out to everyone and there seems to be no easy option to roll back to old look officially. However, in this article, I will share a small and free to use browser extension which is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer which will help you remove Facebook Timeline form Facebook profile.

Add Timeline Remover Extension

We did share an article in the past to Stop Facebook Timeline and Revert To Old Facebook Design however it may not work well as the timeline feature has been rolled out completely to all profiles and Facebook Pages. In this article, we review a very easy to use Browser Extension or add-on called the Timeline Remover. This extension takes a few seconds to install and does convert the Facebook Timeline view of any Facebook Profile to the old profile. There is one downside though which is that it does not convert Facebook Pages to the old design, but it does convert the Facebook profiles of individual accounts very effectively.

Just to be clear and not create a confusion in your mind, it does not change the data or functionality of the Facebook, but it just changes the way a Facebook Profile is displayed on your browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox or IE. So using this extension will not make other’s see an old design profile of your account, it will just show you all the profiles in old design if you use this extension. To use Facebook Timeline Remover, simply download the compatible extension for your web browser from official page here. It will ask your permissions to access your Data on Facebook, your bookmarks and your tabs and browsing history. If you agree with all these terms, slick install and it will be added to your browser. I tested it on Google Chrome.

Confirm access permissions

After it is installed, restart your web-browser where you installed the timeline remover extension and open Facebook again. Now when you open any profile, it will load in old Facebook Design look! See if for yourself in the two snapshots we share below.

Before using timeline remover

image – Facebook Profile before using timeline remover

After Using Timeline Remover Extension

image – Facebook Profile after using timeline remover

We hope you find this tip useful, you can check out more Facebook Related Tips and Tricks by Trouble Fixers here.

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