How To Run Old Programs With Compatibility Issues In Windows 8

There are times when you may want to run old programs which you had run in earlier version of windows before windows 8, now as some of these apps are not updated to run on windows 8, so when you try to run the same they may cause one of the following problems.

  • App fails to Install or Uninstall
  • App fails to run with a Windows version check message
  • App fails to launch due to administrative privilege
  • App crashes due to specific memory problems
  • App fails due to mismatched system files
  • App fails due to Unhandled Errors on 64-bit Windows

In all the above cases they may throw different error messages while you attempting to run a program in windows 8. In all these case the program compatibility assistant feature helps end users to run desktop apps which used to work for earlier Windows versions. Windows 8 has built in app program compatibility assistant that enables apps designed for Windows 7 or Windows versions to work great on Windows 8.

Program Compatibility Assistant

PCA on windows 8 tracks apps for a set of known compatibility issues. It identifies the fixes, and provides as dialog to the user with instructions to apply a recommended fix. The user can decide to apply the recommended fix, or choose to do nothing and cancel out of the recommendation as well.

Best Way To Run an Old Program In Windows 8

The best way to run the apps is to right click on the and then select it to run as administrator


Now when it may throw you the following error saying that this app may not run properly. You can still run the app by selecting the option which says Run the program without getting help as this option may work for you in many cases.

run this program without getting help

Or the best way to run a program which has compatibility issues is by Troubleshoot the compatibility of the program before running the same, this option again you can select by right clicking the program or setup file of the program.


The Compatibility Troubleshooter is a mechanism in Windows that allows you diagnose problems with apps and apply recommended fixes to get them working properly. The compatibility troubleshooter allows users to go through a set of questions, and based on the replies, it will apply a set of fixes and allow the users to test their apps and verify the fixes. Once verified, the fixes will be applied permanently to the programs to make them work better on Windows 8.


Once you run the program compatibility troubleshooter, it will give you the option to run the program with recommended settings applied and next time windows 8 will automatically remember these settings while running this program.


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