Run Windows Gadgets In Minimized State In Windows 7 and Vista

I don’t like using windows gadgets for a simple reason as they take much space on my desktop, which I want to be free and blank, I would rather enjoy the beautiful wallpaper on my desktop than seeing the windows gadgets. But there may some useful gadgets like calendar, clock etc which you want to see or check out from time to time.


Windows Seven Forums has recently released a tool called Gadget Minimiser which allows you to quickly hide and show the desktop gadgets in windows 7 and vista, you can minimize or hide all the desktop gadgets via keyboard shortcut by pressing Window Key + Down arrow key and to show all windows gadgets press Window Key + Up arrow key.


When ever it minimizes or maximizes the gadgets it will show a notification balloon in system tray as shown in the image below.gadgets-minimized  

Download Gadget Minimizer at

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