Save Downloaded Windows Update Files For Re-Use


You download lots and lots of windows update files from Microsoft. One fine day if your Windows gets ill and need a re-install, you will have to again download all those Windows Updates after a fresh install on windows. It is such a waste of time.


Another case is when you have a computer which is not connected to Internet, what will you do in that case? So the question is:


Can I save the Windows update files for re-use?



Fortunately the answer is Yes! Saving the windows update files on a disk will help you install these files on a fresh installation of windows or to install these updates on a computer which is not directly connected to Internet. For this we can use some tools. Lets see the details of what these tools do and how they work.


We came across two tools that save Windows Update Files to disk for future use. Lets see them one by one:




AutoPatcher is a tool that will check what all updates you need and will download them for you. It will install the updated and will save them on disk for re-use if needed. To know more about this tool, see this page.



WUtool By MajorGeeks


WUtool is again a windows update tool developed by MajorGeeks. This tool will control the download and installation of windows update files and save Windows Updates files in a special folder. This is a lightweight tool which is very useful. Download link at the bottom of the post.



Hope you find these tools useful. For more such information in your inbox for free, click here.

Download AutoPatcher | Download WUtool


  1. WUtool is cool! I’ve been waiting so long for such a utility. Thank you Abhishek.

  2. you are a GENIUS MAN completely!!!!
    YOU ROCK MAN !!!!!!
    YOU ROCK @@@@@@@@@@@

  3. @ali
    If you are suspicious about the source of any kind of software, i would suggest you not to use such softwares. Either try for some legitimate source , else look for some alternative software from a legitimate source.

  4. What about the updates that I have already downloaded? Can I save them now? I am specially worried about Win XP SP3 update. Looking forward to your response.

  5. or check this location in your hard drive

  6. sir, i hav already update window 7 (about 500 mb)…on very slow speed internet…and it will not possible to update again ……how could i save them in .exe extension for installing windows next time….Looking forward to your response.

  7. I have a problem like harry’s. I’v already update windows 7 (about 469 MB) and looking for a solution to make downloaded files in “%windir%\SoftwareDistribution\Download” Reusable. Advanced thanks.

  8. I have my laptop windows xp over the years I have updated 100s of updates to go from SP1 to SP3 and .Netframeworks etc .. I want to how to store all those updates I have in my laptop in an external drive so that I can use them when I go for factory reset. Cheers

  9. I had a problem with my windows 7 that i connect it with internet but an error is occur and it will nt able to surf internet..

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