Extract And Save Images Embedded In Any PDF Adobe Reader File

PDF or portable document format is a widely used format for all types of documents like home, office, business and many more. A PDF document contains text and all types of media like forms, images etc. . Depending upon the PDF viewer you are using, you may or may not be able to save these forms or images. But now i have got an application named Nitro PDF for you that will help you to extract images or text from any PDF document depending upon your requirement.

The software is platform dependent and is available only for Microsoft Windows. The software is better than Adobe PDF reader as claimed by its users. The application has faster startup time and a striking set of features. One of the best things that this software can do is its capability of extracting image or text from any PDF document loaded into it. You just have to make Nitro PDF as the default PDF document viewer on the system and open the PDF document in it.

Nitro PDF 1

This is the first window that will open when we will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The tool has all the options for editing the text and the images within a PDF document. You will see that on the icon bar there are many options like Zoom, Rotate View, Fit Page and many more. The software has all the options for making and modifying a  PDF document. There is an icon bar in Nitro PDF which has Create/Convert option which further has the options like Extract Text and Extract Images. Select the appropriate option according to your choice.

Nitro PDF 2

The above window will open when you will click on the Extract Images option. The window has the option to select the source PDF files from which the images have to extracted using the Browse button. The output has three options i.e. Specific Folder, Folder of the original File and Ask during the process. Depending on these three option you can decide the Storage of Extracted Images from the PDF file.  There is check box Open Folder After Creation, which can be checked if you want to open the folder where the where the extracted Images from the PDF file are stored.

Nitro PDF 3

The above window will open when you will click on the Extract Text option. This window also has the same options that Extract Images window had. The only difference is that this option will help you to Extract text instead of Images.

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