Scan, Analyse Windows Security Risk Level

Windows has some in built security tools and services which helps you protect from viruses, trojans and other attacks. Just in case you want to check the security level or check the if your system is at risk you can check the same with the new security analyser tool.

Security Analyzer is a small and easiy to use application that will analyze and display your current security status. It helps you analyze the security of your PC, and gives you a PC health value on a progress bar which helps you determine whether your PC is secure or NOT, and then it gives you some choices of actions to take in order to secure the PC.


As you can see in the image above, you can turn on windows firewall, enable NAP, turn on windows update to make your system more secure. This is a portable application and a freeware which you can run directly from its executable.

Download Security Analyser Beta

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