Scan and Remove Suspicious ‘autorun.inf’ with Autorun Eater [ virus removal tools ]

We are getting lots of computer problems from readers in which users report the following issues:


1. Cannot open hard disk drives by double click.

2. Double clicking on any drive opens search.

3. Error message being displayed while trying to open drives.

4. Double clicking on any drive opens “Open With” dialog window.

5. Drive opens in new window on double click.


We are going to discuss why these problems occur,how can you fix them using a simple FREE virus removal tool.


These issues mentioned above normally occur due to virus infections in computer. These are most commonly spread by pen drives or portable USB devices.


When a user double clicks on the portable drive which is already infected by a virus, the virus spread itself on your system and also create a ‘autorun.inf’ in all your drives.


So, the whole problem persist due to ‘autorun.inf’ files created by virus in the root directory of drives.


Let see how can you fix them all in one go.

In order to fix these problems, you can also try FREE virus removal tool which is released recently, called Autorun Eater.


What is Autorun Eater?

It is a tool to scan and remove suspicious ‘autorun.inf’ files found in the root directory of all drives, A-Z, in real-time. Autorun Eater will remove any suspicious ‘autorun.inf’ files even before the user attempts to open the drive.


Note: It will remove all the suspicious ‘autorun.inf‘ files from the virus infected pen drives but will not remove any other virus files so you would have to remove them manually or with some anti-virus tools.


It also fixes the three common problems caused by the viruses (as shown in the image below).

  1. Task Manager disabled.
  2. Registry editing disabled.
  3. Hidden Folder Options.


If you have removed all the suspicious ‘autorun.inf’ files from all your drives, you will be able to open all your drives easily including your pen drive with double click.


We have already tested the application on some USB drives, it removes the autorun.inf files and contains no malware, adware etc.


Download Autorun Eater

85 responses to “Scan and Remove Suspicious ‘autorun.inf’ with Autorun Eater [ virus removal tools ]”

  1. Thanks for the nice utility… Regarding task manager, hidden files and other such issues, I recommend Sergiwa’s RRT.

    And I prefer to take a look on my link I have provided which provides details on removing such malwares/ viruses.

    I used to manually delete autorun.inf, thanks for this utility…

  2. hi…nice blog…
    this is one of the most useful blogs i have ever come across!!

    great work and keep it up and kicking!!

  3. thanx 4 the help man…i’ve been on this thing 4 a week now…tried a lot of things but atlast this software worked…..

  4. i dont what had happened with my pen drive………whenever i click to open the drive a dialog box shows that ‘please insert disk’ TO that perticular drive. please tell me what i have to do now……………please reply fast

  5. thnx. this really works.
    autorun.inf is not detected by eset or webroot spy sweeper.
    but this detects in without a minute


  6. Dear Rohit,

    Thanks a lot for such a useful information which enabled me to fix the problem without having to Restore the computer to the previous date. I am really Greatful to you,

    I request you, if possible, could you please suggest me some valuable & genuine websites from where I can get exact Solutions to Computer related Problems?

    Will be greatful in this regard,
    Thanks a lot,

  7. hi gurus. i must commmend u guys cos most of the fixes here are really good and effective.more grease on your elbow guys.

  8. I think my problem didnt solve cos non-stop received below msg from autorun eater..

    suspicious autorun.inf detected!

    action=Open folder to view files

    I already formatted my pen drive, but there is still 5mb when I checked the properties

  9. gr8 man i was about to format my system and i found this
    its really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I use nod32… keeps displaying that it deleted autorun.inf
    First from c then d and so on…
    And winfile.jpeg show up in all drives…..if i del. it it comes again in a few seconds.

    I can open my drives by double click….but have the hide folders error.

    Please help!

    Best regards

  11. Hey this site really helped me sort out my problem..i downloaded several anti virus and malware software but nothing sorted out my pc till i read this post..autorun eater worked wonders..thanks a lot…Posting from all the way in Zambia..

  12. Dear Troublefixers

    I am using transcend usb 1gb pendrive.In this Have encountered a a problem

    which is in autorun.inf

    this file is hidden
    when I use Command prompt to open this file i get this
    open=System\Security\DriveGuard.exe -run
    shell\Open\Command=System\Security\DriveGuard.exe -run
    shell\Explore\Command=System\Security\DriveGuard.exe -run

    Well I have tried to remove read only shared and hidden by using

    Attrib -r -s -h but it says that not resetting hidden file

    when I used auto run eater software it says that I cannot format the disc it is write proteted cannot continue

    Please tell me a solution.


  13. HI yaar

    i am very thankfull for you.becauce my drive not open through double click but downloading your software after that finish problem.thank’s


  14. hi,
    i have some virus named ‘love’ and ‘important’ in my pen drive..
    i have downloaded autorun eater to remove it but it says error deleting suspecius autorun.
    i have even tried the cmd prompt.
    please help me to remove this virus from my pen drive

  15. my prob is, I accidently deleted autorun.inf file from all the hard disk. Now I oughtta creat a new one to get my hard disk work. I don’t know what the……. to write in a autorun.inf file to get open instead of searsh
    Any one plz help……………

  16. hey thnx
    god bless you
    with ur help i solve my problem
    i am fed of this problem since 1 year with autorun eater
    thnx very very much……..

  17. Thanks .. but when i run that exe.. it show from billy.exe your autorun.inf is corrupt need to run chkdsk
    but the problem still their after chkdsk…
    Please assist me.
    Thanks …

  18. To remove / delete the autorun.inf file from your drive
    Open the task manager
    Select the explorer.exe process & select End Process
    This will result in disappearing the desktop items.
    But do not worry.
    You will have a windows task manager window open
    GO TO File
    Select “New Task [Run]”
    Type” CMD”
    Command window will open type the command
    Del d:\autorun.inf [select the drive letter properly]
    Close the cmd
    GO TO File
    Select “New Task [Run]”
    Type” Explorer”
    Your desktop items will re-appear.

  19. The easiest way of removing the Autorun virus, on a pc or from a flash,
    Download a unlocker program, example Tizer unlocker.

    On windows show all hiden files, in you folder options.

    Search for the autorun file, it will look grayed out, then right click on the autorun file, and move you mouse to Tizer, there are three options, choose the delete option

    Thats it, it shoud be gone.

  20. Here’s a three step method.

    The easiest way of removing the Autorun virus, on a pc or from a flash,

    Download a unlocker program, example Tizer unlocker.

    On windows show all hiden files, in you folder options.

    Search for the autorun file, it will look grayed out, then right click on the autorun file, and move you mouse to Tizer, there are three options, choose the delete option

    Thats it, it shoud be gone.

  21. It’s very nice website for solve any problem, thanks very… very… very… much and also thanks to experts, who are suggestions very nice; once again thanks all of you.

  22. How to remove recycler virus from my PC.

    Sometime back I had installed Net Protector which I found to be not good. Hence, I had UNINSTALLED it.
    Late I found that even after uninstalling, it is present in the root kit and had installed a recycler virus.
    For Last 1 month I have tried to remove it by using AVAST, AVIRA. McFEE, SOPHOS, MALWAREBYTES antimalware, KASPESKY , FILEZILLA , CCLEANER and HITMAN PRO

    Still , none of the programme has detected it. If I try to start the computer in safe mode, it shows some weird partition files and hangs.
    Doe anyone have a sure shot solution.

  23. Thanks so much mate…it really does work.. it remove the problem i had with my d:… thanks so much and more power

  24. Its great and i the next poglord will buy it with copyrights when i will control computers

  25. cant we scan any drive or any file with autorun eater or does it automatically detects if autorun.inf is there???

    this is my story…..once wen i connected my usb to pc there was this autorun.inf which got in from some other pc… my comp mechanic said tht now my pc is infected and cant format tht usb until the whole pc is formatted….and i formatted the whole pc and now everything’s back to normal….but the prob is dat b4 formatting i took backup from my c&d drives in 2 dvd’s….and my question is dat now can i restore these back.???….will there be autorun.inf in these dvd’s????? pls help

  26. Just use Linux which shows all contents no matter hidden, system etc. Windows is stupid os that’s perfect for virus writers only.

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