Schedule Delete Locked Files, Folders During Restart

While managing files and folders in our system, we come across certain folders or files which are locked by Windows, system services or other applications. When we try to move or delete these files, there comes an error message that they are locked which is very irritating.

Also, Windows does not provide any details about the lock and how to proceed which is a big problem. For the solution of this problem, there is a tiny application called EMCO MoveOnBoot for handling problems with locked files and folders.

EMCO MoveOnBoot uses Windows mechanism to manage files at restart, when system services or applications can’t set locks, so it is safe and natural. It is compatible with windows 7, vista and xp.

After installation, its main window will appear like this. You just have to choose locked file or folder from the icons of ‘Move’ or ‘Delete’ for the respective task.

After defining the task, you can continue your other work and exit from EMCO MoveOnBoot or launch Windows restart immediately. Anyway, after a system restart you will find that all operations with locked resources are completed successfully.

You can see all the activities in the log window present at the bottom of the main window.


The option of ‘Boot Actions Wizard’ is designed to help you with scheduling and executing Boot Actions fast and easy. It incorporates all boot actions that can be performed using MoveOnBoot and provides you a probability of performing a restart of the underlying operating system just after scheduling the appropriate boot action.

When you will open this option, it will open a new window in which you can configure your boot action. You can choose action type – move, rename or delete.

You can also choose to restart windows automatically by enabling the option.


The option of ‘The Fetch from Registry’ in the Boot Actions Ribbon group should be used to synchronize Boot Actions data available in MoveOnBoot with Windows registry.

The option of ‘The Revert Changes’ provides you with an ability of removing all the changes made to the underlying operating system by this application.

The option of ‘The Clear Boot Actions’ is to be used to remove all the actions to be performed on the next Windows boot. Actions scheduled by the underlying operating system are also removed.


You can also choose different skins for your tool in the option ‘Skins’ in the ribbon group.


Download EMCO MoveOnBoot

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