Screen-saver not activating working in windows


Few days back, we received a mail from one of our readers, Ian from Jenak Industries Inc reporting problem with windows screen-saver.

Screen saver

He reported that “I cannot get my computer to activate the screen-saver all I get when I got to
the change scree-saver in control panel and activate a program it accepts it but when the  display turns off and it is supposed to bring up the screen-saver I get a black screen”


On analyzing the reported problem, I could make out that before activation of screen saver, the screen goes blank. This usually happens due to power settings.


The problem may appear like a big blunder but it actually is a very simple to fix, lets see the fix.



This means even if the screen saver is correctly configured it will never show up if the power settings of windows force the screen to go blank or stand-by the computer before actual display timeout of the scree.


To fix it follow these simple steps:

1.  Go to Start > Control Panel > Power Options.

2. This will launch power options screen as seen below.

power options settings


3. On this screen, Select the

Power schemes as “Presentation”

Turn off Monitor : “Never”

Turn off hard disk : “Never”

System standby : “Never”

System Hibernates : “Never”


4. Make sure that above settings are correct. Press Apply and then Ok.


These settings will prevent the display from going blank and thus the screen saver will appear normally.


  1. i went to change my password and the screen says change your screen. i push the button so it will go first and it tells me to get qnother button. i dont understand the remote wontchange into the icon. i been doing this all night.

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