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With advancements in digital technology, pepole are changing their habits to make their life comfortable and easy going. Like, we used to read the paper books only (novels, study books and more) but now-a-days, ebooks are quite famous. Schools and college students use many reference ebooks saving a lot of money on the purchase of the books. In fact, it not only money saver but also environmental friendly decreasing the cutting of trees. Today, ebooks are easily available on the internet.

But, the problem is that the ebooks are downloaded in the pdf format which is not a comfortable application for reading. So, there is an application called GooReader which is an easy platform for reading books and magazines available on Google books.

GooReader is a desktop application that allows you to search, download and read books and magazines on Google Books easily. It is compatible with Windows 7, vista and xp. It requires .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 for its working. After installation, when you will run the application, its main window will appear like this. You just have to type the book Title, Author or Book_ID, you want to read in the space provided and click ‘Search’. You can also enable the option of filtering only the books with full view.


It will open a list of books and magazines available on Google books related to the search. The books are categorized as full view, partial view and no preview marked as different colors. You can read the book by using one of the 4 options provided at the bottom of each book. It will open a new window where you can read the selected book easily. The window has some of the options present at the bottom of the window which will help you to read the book easily. It also provides the option of zooming which help you to concentrate on minor details.


You can also set the number of show results as you want in the ‘options’. You can also set the page width and zooming comfort.


You can also download the book if you want by choosing the option present at the extreme right in the tools.

NOTE: The option of downloading is only present in the paid version and not the free one.

Other than this, it is a very nice application by which you can search and read your ebooks easily. And, if you are a daily reader then also, the price paid is worth it.

Download GooReader

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