How To Avoid Security Certificate Error In Windows

Security Certificate Error is most common type of error while opening a website. While for most website, this error does not appear, but at the same time, for important websites, people often face security certificate error. This kind of error appears for secure websites (using HTTPS protocol) when the website’s identity is not verified by your computer or computer’s internet Browser. There are two reasons behind this error-

1. The website is seriously missing security certificate or is a fake website.

2. Date and Time settings of your PC are not correct (most common reason).

We have already addressed the problem in our prior article here – Security Certificate Error While Opening Web-sites.

The most common reason for the error is bad time and date settings which in turn is because of bad motherboard battery which powers the motherboard for keeping time while the PC is turned off. This is the reason that this problem is most common with old computers with old motherboard batteries which have died out and are not able to keep correct time on the computer. The easiest way to fix this problem is get a new battery and replace it, but many computer user’s find it cumbersome and complicated as it involves opening up of the computer’s casing, which can be dangerous without proper precautions.

In this article, today we will share a tip with you so that you never face security certificate error even without worrying about the bad BIOS battery. The tip is to make your computer update its time and date automatically from the Internet. This will make sure that you don’t face any security certificate error because of bad time and date settings (which is most common reason for such errors).

How To Make Windows Update Its Time and Date Automatically

Step 1: Click on the date time icon in the system tray. It will open the calendar.


Step 2: On Date and time Window, click on the button, Change Time Zone.


Step 3: This will open up the time zone window, select the correct time zone on your Windows PC, and click Ok.


Step 4: On Date and time Window, click on the button, Change Time Zone. Click the Change settings button on this Window.


Step 5: On this Window, check the option which says “Synchronize with an Internet Time Server” and press OK.


This is it. After you set your Windows PC to update its time and date with Internet time automatically, there will no longer be incorrect date and time settings while you go online to surf the Internet and it will save you from the trouble of Expired or Invalid Security Certificate Error.

Hope you find this tutorial easy to follow. Do share your suggestions and comments below.


  1. I too face this issue many time and left the sites with out reading the information in that thank Q for sharing such an help full trick and i done the desired changes that you specified in this post hope i’l not face this issue any more.

  2. Correct me if i’m wrong, but i think you have made an error. Step 4 must surely read “On Date and time Window, click on the button, Internet Time”, and not “On Date and time Window, click on the button, Change Time Zone.”

  3. for XP OS also same procedure ah………i hav tried but i can solve the problem…………whether i hav restart my system after these steps hav been done……..

  4. tnx a lot you are great. I have been trying to solve this for a long time…. U are the bestttttttttt……..

  5. sir r u best and i love u all the problem are solve this is one best website thanks

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