Security Certificate Error While Opening Web-sites


A friend called me few days back and told me that he is getting “Security Certificate” Warnings while opening web-sites. Mostly when he opens some secure sites like online banking etc. There are three main reasons for such errors. In this post we will talk about the such errors, how they look on different browsers and how to fix them.


The Security Certificate Warning looks like as shown below for IE, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Click to enlarge the images.

Microsoft IE- There is a problem with this web siteย  Security Certificate

Mozilla Firefox – Secure Connection Failed

Google Chrome – The server’s Security Certificate is not yet valid


Security Certificate error in IE


Secure Connection failed in Mozilla Firefox


Security Certificate not valid error in google chrome

Lets see the reasons for such errors and what to do in such case.


The main reasons for such errors are:

  1. Your Computer’s date is set to a wrong value
  2. The Security Certificate has really expired
  3. The web-site is not trustable

Most common reason for such security certificate error is that the certificates are valid for a certain period of time, and if your computer’s date is set to other than the current date or correct date, there are high chances that you will get this warning. So the first thing to check when you receive such error is to check your computer’s date and time settings. If the date time keep re-setting again and again, then see this post on CMOS battery problem.


Now when you have set the date settings, you will most probably not see the this error again. But if you see the Security Certificate error, then either the certificate of the website has really expired as it had to be renewed from time to time, or the site is not trustable.

TIP: Never ever put your important login id or password on such pages if you see the Security certificate error.

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  1. Actually the term used in this article “Security Certificate” warning is too generic, because there can be other types of errors\warnings related to security certificates as well. One of the most prominent ones being when a site is using a certificate belonging to some other site, leading the browser to believe that the site is not trustable, but it is indeed trustable. A common example here would be that uses a certificate belogning to So, in these cases there is no quick fix but one has to apply any factual knowledge or common sense to see whether it is ok to accept the certificate or not.

  2. Great information. I had forgotten that I’d been changing the system date for some software trials and hadn’t changed it back. Low and behold, my wife just called and said the computer wasn’t working. An hour later I found out what the problem was, found this post and fixed it. Good stuff, thanks!

  3. Thanks for your reason i asked about (There is a problem with this web site Security Certificate) real appreciate the date of my computer was wrong setting peace men wherever you are in whaterver you do one love

    Thanks I am appreciate your reason.

  4. Thanks a lot Abhi. I was really struggling a lot due to this continuously coming errors on each page…. When I saw your post, the reason I got was due to the older date on my pc for my problem.

    Really thank you my friend.

    Warm regards,

  5. Hey, Kaspersky products (KAV and KIS) can cause this sometimes…You need to disable the “Encrypted Connection” checking under “Traffic Monitoring”…Works

  6. I really had to say thanks. I thought i was going to have to take my computer back because of this error then did just a little searching and came here. Now my life is better. Ok so it didn’t fix my life but it feels like it. thanks you’re the reason the interweb is better then newspapers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Oh, it is great and I have learned the trouble shooter

    Keep it up, excellecnt tool to avoid the certifcate error.

  8. Oh this is really amazing my girl friend was really in trouble she told me that she is facing some certificate error when opening any website on her PC then i saw that amazing solution and i told her she applied that and after that her pc is perfect she is really thankful to me and i always be thalkful to u.

  9. Thank you so much!!!! I just spent 3 hours on ms support website chasing my tail trying to figure out why I haven’t been able to log into messenger, and all websites were diplaying this error. Found your site and fixed on about 10 seconds!!!!

  10. This is FABULOUS — just helped my 60-year-old mother figure out how to change her date and time so that her gmail would work again. They had a power outage yesterday, which caused the date to go back to 2002. Thank you!!!

  11. Hello,
    yes your advice was helpful. But I’ve got a question related certificate error message, when it keeps telling you to accept it, although I’ve done it many times. My BIOS is alright. Just don’t have an appropriate certificate for the web-site.

    So now, do you know if I could change it, that I won’t have to “add an exception” all the time. Maybe I have to make changes somewhere in the settings?

    Thanks in advance!

  12. Hello,
    yes your advice was helpful. But I’ve got a question related certificate error message, when it keeps telling you to accept it, although I’ve done it many times. My BIOS is alright. Just don’t have an appropriate certificate for the web-site.

    So now, do you know if I could change it, that I won’t have to “add an exception” all the time. Maybe I have to make changes somewhere in the settings?

    Thanks in advance!
    PS I’m using IE 8

  13. Wow, My time and date was set to August 9th, 1998 5:00 am in the morning. HAHA! Thank you sooo much!

  14. Also, sometimes this error can happen when the “www” is omitted from the url. Try adding a www if it is missing.

  15. i changed the battery, set the time, checked the validity of the certificate still gatting the massage. any solution plz.

  16. errmm hi^^, i keep getting this certificate error thing evreytime i try to sign in my youtube account and its getting really annoying i have fixed my date nd time my time is set correct my date is set correct and even my timezone is set correct some1 help meeee plase ^_^
    i even cleard all my cookies….so yah someone help me please

  17. My mate told me to google this problem and i clicked on this link, and you are a dead set legend, i reset the time, and its all fixed.
    Cheers Mate….

  18. Thank you my friend your information made life easy for me. I have been suffering from the same problem for about a week and now it is solved, I just checked the date and it was incorrect. Thank you again and keep the good work up

    Be Blessed.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Simple thing – wrong date – but I tried loads of things and a few websites before your answer just directed me to correct it

    Thanks very much.

  20. My son’s computer had a security certificate problem when using Google. The site was displayed in Dutch and when you would click on the link to sign-in, you’d get the security certificate warning (like the ones shown above). This happened in Opera, Firefox and IE. I used Spybot Search & Destroy which found a “Windows.Fraud” malware with 111 entries. But it wouldn’t remove this malware and gave an access error listing C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. I went to this subfolder and deleted the file “hosts”. Then when I opened the browser and Google opened in English and I was able to click the link to sign-in. This worked in all 3 of the browsers. I re-ran Spybot and no malware was found.

    I’m pleased with my saavy computer chops for fixing this. But I can’t explained what was amiss. Perhaps someone out there can.


    Chicago, IL

  21. Thankyou!

    I had been trying to sort this out for a while and i could never sort it.

    My date was in 2008′ instead of 09′ xD

    Thankyou so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Thank you — inadvertantly reset my date last night while planning a schedule for 2010, without knowing the impact the reset would have on my security certificate expirations. I was sure I had been hacked, phished, defrauded, etc. After running my security software a couple of times, found your site via “security certificate error”, found the problem as you described. Don’t have to buy a new laptop yet, don’t have to slit my wrists. Feel a little bit more knowledgeable, though still pretty dumb. Looks like I’ve got a lot of company. Thanks again.

  23. Well Thanks a lot. I was not able to open website cos of date problems and your suggestion solved my problems. Keep it up

  24. Thankyou so much. I’ve had so many problems with this and it was the date all along. It’s 2010, but my computor was set to 2007. My wife can now spend again!!

  25. there’s more than just 3 possibilities.
    my mom got that Additional Guard Virus on her computer and now she can’t access google (automatically redirects to Google Canada which is kind of a pain) and the gmail certificate’s are expired.
    according to all scans i’ve gotten rid of the malware but some of the problems it caused still persist. like the certificates and her computer’s apparent love of maple leaves and hockey.

  26. my computer had an certificate error when im log in to my facebook,, i cannot log in can you help me to fix it,, please thanks

  27. Thanks a Lot!!!

    Lior Aviram says,February 24th, 2009
    Hey, Kaspersky products (KAV and KIS) can cause this sometimesโ€ฆYou need to disable the โ€œEncrypted Connectionโ€ checking under โ€œTraffic Monitoringโ€โ€ฆWorks

  28. Hi,

    Thanks alot your information was really helpful, you are really great, i honestly appreciate your talent and kindness


    Many Thanks,


  29. My google certificate has actually expired and I constantly get pop ups stating that 443 uses an invalid certification with error code: sec_error_expired_issuer_certificate. My computer is set to the correct date and time. How can I either obtained an up-to-date goggle certificate or remove this error message?

  30. Thanks so much for the help. I have done a number of searches trying to find the cause of this problem including Microsoft’s website and not until I came across yours was i able to fix it!

  31. This worked for me …amazing ..thank you.. I had to call HP and they told me to contact Microsoft..I was going round and round in loop. This post helped me ..thank you so much

  32. Its really very nice. You people are doing really great job. Thanks a lot. I was getting very anger for this. But thanks to u. Hope you keep doing this good jobs.Take care

  33. Thanks a trillion times. You just made the problem solved. Great work. I appreciate. Love YOUUUUUUUUUUU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I am trying to find another solution. My date and time is correct and the problem still persists. Lvair could you please explain your solution…..I cannot find the option you are talking about……I am using Vista.

  35. thank you so much for the step by step solution that you published here. i spent over an hour trying to figure out whats wrong with my internet explorer and it was a date problem. cheer!

  36. My date is right and two government websites that I visit always show an error. I ignore the issue because I need these websites to pay bills and such.

  37. Hi,
    even i am suffering with the same problem which all u people faced.I am unable to open Gmail and orkut as its displaying the security certificate has can any one help me out.

  38. The date is not the issue for me. The certificate error started locking my access to my company sslvpn – I cannot find a solution. Tried adjusting firewall, certificate is accessible by other people just not me. I think it is something to do with WIE8 or W7 operating system. Any help would be much appreciated.

  39. pls check time first then do as i say friends
    check weather any file is there with name host
    delete that file
    restart computer
    it will work.

  40. hey!
    I got my pc formatted and didnt check the date (it was 22/07/2010). I installed Kaspersky anti-virus. Then I noticed the date was wrong, it should have been 21/07/2010.
    So, when I put the right date the anti-virus gives me an error: “Incorrect activation date”.
    What can I do to fix this?

    Thank s for any help =)

  41. yes yes yes!
    I got no more access to: gmail, google earth, google search and google image. I was redirected to a fake google, bullshit search engines … ect, and bad certificates.

    “C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. I went to this subfolder and deleted the file โ€œhostsโ€. ”
    solved everything for me,

  42. Wow, I spent over an hour trying to find the problem…..Thank you so was my computer time, which was set at the year 2099. How that happen I have no clue but thanks again.

  43. Thank You! I’ve been having a hard time getting to all our usual websites since we moved & had to pull out the battery, in order for the computer to start. It was a real pain, & after trying it for most of the day, it’s finally working. All because of the stupid date!

  44. Thanks a bunch.
    You saved my son from being loosing his computer privileges.
    You were exactly right–it was the date. It was set to 2005.

  45. it doesn’t work for me…
    I’ve been trying to sign into hotmail for a week now and i still keep getting those messages. It’s not like hotmail’s not trustable right? and i don’t think that the certificate has expired. Help please?

  46. when i open this site its shown security error and blocks the contents an and later the complete site, the date in my machine is correct, pls advice me.


  48. This was so helpful, my mom’s computer wouldn’t go to any site. She, like most of us, pays bills online, but she couldn’t get to them b/c of the security certificates. The date was the problem, it was set for February 2001 not September 2010. I was racking my brain trying to figure it out, until I stumbled on this website and the help. I really appreciate it.


  49. Wow! That was really a great help. I didn’t expected that the system clock would be so bothersome if it is not correctly set. I even have resorted to installing another web browser just to have the same warning I’m getting from IE8. But now I can go to any website without the security certificate warning. Thank you for the help. I really needed that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Dear Boss,

    Greetings.. this troubleshooter hint is very very excellent. Even if he is genious in IT, Small mistake make big problem.. I really appreciate for this hint…thanks a lott..

  51. Dear Goodness, You just saved me hours on this computer system. I needed to use it for class today and couldnt figure out it was just the time setting. Thanks!

  52. I have the same problen clock time and date are correct , this invaild ceetifacte thing only appear on my hotmail sign, does not come up on any other site,Grrr Ihave no idea on PC either onl use it to do my NVQ ;(
    Good to hear others problems have been sorted on here, i’m hoping

  53. LOLL told you i dont know anyting about PC’s, message just gone up with the wrong time, its 8.45am, i shall ask a friend to change date for me Luck i found this site Thanksssssssssss xxxxx

  54. Yeah so far so good but the problem is, if one have already a correct date and time and still facing the problem like the renewal of certificate then how to cope with this problem. How to get renew the security certificates.

    Thanks in advance.

  55. hello
    the date and time of my computer is right.but still when i open any websites ,IE security is asking wheather to allow to open or not to allow.if i click allow same thing is asking me again and again.if i click dont allow same problem is arising again and again.pls can any body solve my problem

  56. Hello there,
    I have the same problem, maybe because of the date & time error that make me get this error… I’m using norton go back and it does not adjust the time~… Any others way to prevent the certificate error pop out?

  57. seriously mate, thanks a billion for this, had this several times in several different places, so now i know.

    once again thankyou

  58. Right click internet explorer and go to its properties. select “content” tab and see certificate. Do whatever it ask you to do. Like select certificate or publisher.

    Second option is to double click internet explorer and when any internet page gets open, see “safety” tab on the marginal top right side of the page. where click security report.

    Hope so you cope with this problem. Mostly problem get resolved simply clicking one of these options.

    Even though if you have problems, email me.

  59. After struggling with various ‘solutions’ for a month, I discovered from one website the reason why I was getting ‘Certificate error’ from a trusted website. All I had to do was to go to Controll Panel, Add remove programs, Windows components, and update root certificates and Voila! everything turned out OK!

  60. i have another possible solution that helped me when, even after changing the date/time, i still had s.c. issues. i found the underlining problem somehow ended up being java script. perhaps uninstalling and reinstalling can fix it for you too.

  61. I helped a friend touble shoot such a problem and your information made it very simple to resolve. We knew that it was a trusted site and used it before (our bank amonst others) and checked the only other possibility – that of the clock. A technician had serviced the machine and somehow got the time setting wrong and we were not even aware that it had changed. Your information saved us a lot of time and frustration. MS help was no help at all. Their help information is not written by real users with real problems. It is based on wild assumtions that all else is correct reducing the value of the information they offer to zero for anything but the most basic problem and is genraly redundant.

  62. Oh, I feel like such a moron. Such a simple fix. I was going crazy trying to correct this problem and couldn’t figure it out for anything. Thanks a lot!

  63. Thank you so much for this simple fix!! Yesterday, I walked away from my home computer while on a secured site. I didn’t get back to it before it timed out. Next thing I know, I’m getting the Security Certificate error on select websites. Called one number I had for MSN – they said it was a virus and for only $169 they could fix it. Called a different number this morning and they didn’t think it was a virus but would only cost $69. I didn’t want to give them my credit card number so told them I’d get fixed locally. Then I did a search – and thank God I found the answer! I did notice yesterday that the time had changed, if only I had just changed it then I wouldn’t have worried about it all night. Thanks again! I will keep this website on my list of important sites to use as a resource.

  64. Thank you so much for this simple fix!! Yesterday, I walked away from my home computer while on a secured site. I didn’t get back to it before it timed out. Next thing I know, I’m getting the Security Certificate error on select websites. Called one number I had for MSN – they said it was a virus and for only $169 they could fix it. Called a different number this morning and they didn’t think it was a virus but would only cost $69. I didn’t want to give them my credit card number so told them I’d get fixed locally. Then I did a search – and thank God I found the answer! I did notice yesterday that the time had changed, if only I had just changed it then I wouldn’t have worried about it all night. Thanks again! I will keep this website on my list of important sites to use as a resource.

  65. Dear sir
    I have something wrong in my computer when I open email it shows me a message like one at the friest ( There is a problem with this website security error and blocks ) please I would like to deleted this message.
    Kind regards,,,,

  66. thanks buddy…..actually i had this problem wid all websites including google and gmail….my date and time was set to 1988 and 10 pm.i changed it and everythings ok….thanku very much!

  67. This error pops up quit bit when I try to login to Facebook, my fix is close the browser and unplug the router and push the reset button. It’s a very annoying problem and Facebook is the only site where I get this error.

  68. Thanks dude…………I fixed my problem.Its with the date and time .I didn’t noticed it……….anyway thanks for helping

  69. thanks a lot dost, actaully m facing this error many times but if i change to correct my computer date and time, this error is resolve. really thanks

  70. heylu!
    time and date is correct even the time zone!
    but still i face the same freaking problem again and again. my old modem never had these problems but the new one has! cookies are ennabled, time and date is correct, but certificate problems are still there..please HELP ME!

  71. hai, i have problem with my system when ever i start. there will be a massage “there is a problem with security certificate ” kindly help me to solve it

  72. To work around this issue, install the Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 (Windows SBS) self-signed certificate on the client computer.
    To do this, follow these steps:
    In Windows Internet Explorer, click Continue to this website. A red Address Bar and a certificate warning appear.
    Click the Certificate Error button to open the information window.
    Click View Certificates, and then click Install Certificate.
    On the warning message that appears, click Yes to install the certificate.

    Got this from Mircosoft Support website

    Worked for me!

  73. When I click on continue to website on my computer it wont let me continue when getting a certificate error

  74. thnnq very much…..i can rectify my problem……now my system is working properly……………..

  75. when i open then my browsers attenpts triuble to open and a secuirity certificate errors appears on my screen so plzz tell me how i use facebook .com

  76. I know Iam like years late, but, this advice was extremely helpful, coming from someone who has stressed over this for so long….. Thank You ; )

  77. hiiiiiii, and thanks for sharing , we had this problem after reading ur suggestion now there is no proble of certificate erros. actully in my pc Cmos nt working so time nt up to dated……i never thought abt this reason, great thanks sir……

  78. Thank you!!!! I had thought it was a problem with my Norton antivirus and even their support people didn’t get it right! It seemed like such a simple thing and I didn’t think for one minute that my date and time was wrong, but low and behold, it was set at November 2006! Have no idea how that happened!!!! Thank you!

  79. I would have never figured this out. I tried everything but it turns out that my date is wrong. Thank you!

  80. hi my name is dhananjoy mullick and i was really getting pissed off for the last 2 days as i was repeatedly getting security certificate errors while i was trying to surf some of the sites by using internet explorer , mozilla firefox and chrome . I couldnt find a way out . Suddenly while exploring the net i caught hold of your bolg which really helped me a lot to resolve my issue. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and you are really a genius and tech savvy …. if you get my post please do reply to my post and i will be very grateful to you …


  81. ahm sir i just want to try to change my pc’s date but there are some error says that ” you dont have the proper privilage level to change the SYSTEM TIME. What should i do?
    please help me sir. hope you can help me and others that encountering this kind of problem. thanks :]

  82. The trick worked like a charm. I was heating up my head yesterday for 2 hours to solve the certificate error on one client’s computer.

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

  83. Not working guys..with the solution given. maybe bcoz of the site. I am not able to login into my companys website

  84. thanks this helped me in many ways love you all………………………………………….//////////////

  85. This is most helpful for me ………….thanks ………it is very helpful for owr type of peoples ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,once again thanks

  86. THANKS BRO …….. for helping me out……….. i have this problem wiyh my facebook page ……. and you know that how big this problem is………. again thanks

  87. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate this post. The errors were coming up on every website like Yahoo and Hotmail. Awesome info. Thanks and take care!

  88. i was struggling with my client pc with windows xp and google chrome. chrome not opening https pages. I was changing lots of setting installed latest IE. finally find out the STUPID DATE WAS CHANGED by some one. once i changed back it worked great. Learned a lesson now. Always check system Date. Thanks a lot.

  89. I would have never figured this out. I tried everything but it turns out that my date is wrong. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. thank u so much, had been working most of day on way compter wouldnt do what wanted, thanks for the advice about time and date, some how mine had gone ten years into the future. thanks again

  91. Yesterday I spent hours on this problem. I was unable to log into ANY webpage that required you to sign in, in fact, the sign-in page would not come up at all. I re-set the date, but that didn’t work, and wasn’t off anyway. Then I discovered the same problem on another computer in our house. One lovely person (I think it was on this site, but I lost track of the many I consulted) suggested disconnecting the modem/wi-fi, waiting then re-connecting. Such a simple thing, but it WORKED! I am eternally grateful, and sending happy thoughts in your direction ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. Hey…. Thax a lot…! it really worked, i was facing this issue for quiet some time was not able to open gmail properly… bt ur suggestion changing the date really worked… thanx again.. bt can u pls tell me the logic behind this as why this is happening nd what re da things which we have to take care of means every time when we turn on system we have to check the date??? or something kind of this…

    Vishal Pathak


  94. Thanks.. this really worked and Solved my problem.. i was on Win7 and i formatted to Win XP Still the problem was the Same ๐Ÿ™ and i tried this thing and the Problem was the Date ! and Time ! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Will Thanks again and again,

  95. Thank you so much for this info. I have been going nuts trying to figure out what it wrong with my computer. I logged on one day and everything was fine and then the next day it went nuts and everything I did a security warning come up. Now that I learn it was the date I do remember looking at the date on my computer for something and I must have accidentally changed it at that time. Thanks for the info. It has made my computer life less stressful! ๐Ÿ™‚

  96. You just saved me $45.00. with an online tech. from superpages.
    Free information to fix my computer error. There should be more like you online.
    Thank you.
    Semper Fi

  97. This information was most helpful in fixing my certificate error problem. I was panicking with all of the computer hacking going on in cyber world. I am so glad that it was a simple fix. Thank you so much for your help, I am so relieved.

  98. Fantastic my date was changed โ€“ we have several of these errors at work also so i will trouble shoot them as well.


  99. Thanks a lot for this post. I thought a virus has taken over my computer. My time and date setting were wrong so that’s why I kept getting the security invalid warning. It’s working now. Thanks to you and your help.


  100. Hi
    I was facing security certificate problems then i did share my problm with u nd Really thankx to u it’ amazing…


  101. after recarch of my problem , I found that my laptop date was not correct…………..hahahahaha………………….THANK YOU soo much…………


  102. Thanks Abhishek. I thought that there was a major problem in my laptop but when I read your post I found out that it was the date that has been changed to 2020. Thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  103. Hey, so I just read all of your three tips on how to fixing it. My date and time is exactly the way it is suppose to be. In google chrome, I went to Twitter and it showed me that security certificate thingy. So I ignored it and went to the page lots of times. Then one day I got a message that says I cant go there anymore, it only says “Back” What do I do?

  104. Thank you guys! I think my computer needs a new CMOS battery because I put it to the right date and time before, then it went back to thinking it’s 2006. Always wondered why I got those notices until now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  105. thanx a lot……i just put the exact date n time 2 my computer…..n now there is no error…. god bless u abhisek. u r jus ausome. thanx

  106. Recently (last two months) getting a rash of Site Security Certificate not trusted on WIDOWS XP on both Internet Explorer 7 and Google Chrome as browsers. My clock and date are fine. I use Kaspersky internet security. Same happens on my other Computer running XP with Norton Security. Not all secure sites show this warning so WHY ?
    Is this a latest problem with XP ?
    Is there a fix out there ? Does Microsoft know or care? The websites including traders seem to think its the users problem and not theirs but could be losing trade. Seemingly they have no concern when their certificate is reported as ‘not trusted’

  107. When I put this problem to Microsoft THE WANT TO CHARGE ME ยฃ31 for an answer to something that may be their problem

  108. i have problem with my batteries so my time keeps on resetting. i got tired of changing them every time. so i give up. but now that problem on certificate bugs me off. what is my option? any help?

  109. When I login to from chrome on new toshiba laptop it shows warning “The site uses SSL, but Google Chrome has detected insecure content on the page. Be careful if youโ€™re entering sensitive information on this page. Insecure content can provide a loophole for someone to change the look of the page.” with a lock and a yellow triangle over it.

    When I login with another laptop of HCL there is no problem, green lock with full security is shown.

    For both my chrome setting is similar.

    How to solve this as I am afraid to book any tickets fromtoshiba laptop.

  110. What if:
    A) The date is accurate
    B) The site is trustable
    C) The security certificate is up-to-date?
    What then? I get security certificate errors at most websites and none of the above applies to my situation…

  111. Thanks a lot buddy….it really helped…
    I was facing this issue for quite a time…my laptop date and time were set wrongly ๐Ÿ™‚
    Ur expert advice rely helped ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. Hey my laptop’s date was changed so i chnged it. But even then I am not able to open any pics..there is a cross on every pic..can u please help me.


  113. Thanks. I thought that somebody is intercepting in my network until I saw you article. My date is set to 2002 and not 2012 that is why I am getting the cert error.

    Great fix. Thanks.

  114. Everyone reason 4 their problem was because of the date. But that isn’t the solution to my problem. Do anyone have other ideas that could help me rectify this situation? Thanks

  115. My pc date was not set correctly and hence the security certificate errors. I was frantic trying to figure things out and even thought that there are virus in my pc. Speechlessly thankful.


  116. ummm…… this is happening to me for the google homepage, and my date is correct. I use google chrome, if any of you know what is going on please help me!

  117. Thanks alot, i was at this for hours trying to fix the problem and even fixed the time and day but failed to notice that it said 2008 and not 2012 lol and i did what you said and all fixed with a few minutes, thanks so much, now i can upload my pictures again.

  118. Thank you so much. It really worked, i just changed the time settings on my computer and have my site opened.
    Kudos to you.

  119. Thanks friend..i was really hanging out on that problems..problem was so small but i suffered a lot..
    thank u very much..!!

  120. recently i faced this kind of problem in my system….the info in this site is very helpful…thk u …..great!!!!

  121. THanks
    Actually my system date was wrong of some previous date. I set it to todays date, then this blocked with certificate error has gone. Thanks a lot for the solution

  122. thanks alot buddy! now I just have to change the CMOS battery of my laptop because the date keeps re-setting again and again. you rock! ๐Ÿ™‚

  123. Hi,

    It really worked. Good job sir. I didn’t ever notice that my system’s date and time were running incorrect. After reading this article, i immediately fixed date and time and restarted the browser. Then it didn’t show any error. The certificate error was fixed successfully and now i can surf the net smoothly.

    Thanks a lot.


  124. this is a currect solution. u r a great. yhanks my friend. this problem creat an a not set for the Date & Time. normaly problem. THANKS

  125. I had despaired of using my tablet as I could not download anything due to problem with security certificate. I had almost thrown away my tablet as worthless. After seeing your solution I saw that my date was set to 9/1/1970!!!!!! After changing the date today I was able to solve my problem and use my tablet. People like u are needed to help out layment like me. thanx!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Thank you Sooo much. After very very long time i turned on my old system, and it was throwing me certificate expired error… and i was going crazy…

    updating machine’s time to current fixed everything…

  127. HALLELUJAH!!! the date was wrong after my netbook came back from a repair shop. changing the date FIXED the problem!!! it took me 1 week, multiple VIRUS SCANS AND CLEAN UPS until I found your website and read about the DATE – this made immediate sense to me! and it worked setting the date 2 year further ahead – hahahhahaha, none of the many computer geeks that I asked could solve the problem

  128. I use five different computers, three, two using XP and one using Vista work okay, but two others using XP and Chrome both refuse to pass any HTTPS sites. This clearly shows it is something to do with the Chrome not agreeing with something. Chrome also crashes Flash on all machines but Adobe says it is the settings, not all are the same so Adobe, in my opinion, have a system that has errors!

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