[Security] Create Windows Encryption Certificate Backup

Windows has certain in-built encryption arrangements to prevent the misuse of your data by unauthorized users. By default many files especially in the documents folder of Windows are by default protected with some encryption certificated which are specific to your user account. Now imagine if your Windows goes bad and you loose access to Windows user account. Now in this case, if you loose your account access, you can still access the file location by connecting the hard disk to a different computer. But the files will not be accessible without the encryption certificate and key. So it makes sense to create a backup of the encryption certificate for the bad times. Simply follow these steps to create the certificate backup.

Step 1: Go To Control Panel > User Accounts and select the option- Manage your file encryption certificates.

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Step 2: It will initiate a file encryption wizard.

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Step 3: Proceed with the wizard.

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Step 4: Here you can create a backup of the key. You can either back it up on a pen drive or also on a cloud storage.

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Step 5: If you are setting it up for the first time, it will ask you to select folder which you want to encrypt.

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Step 6: Proceed and finish the wizard.

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That is it. You will get a warning in your system tray in case you have skipped to create backup of the certificate.


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  1. whenever i open phone memory card in my system, it displays the format your memory card,but i cant do this.

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