Send Website Page or Link Via Email In Google Chrome

Today I have got an extension which lets you send website page or link via email in your Google Chrome browser which will help you to email the link of the page that you are browsing. The extension will also provide you the option to email the selected contents from the page to anyone you like with just a click of a button. The link to install this extension is provided at the end of the  article.

Send Website Page or Link Via Email

The above page will open when you will click on the link provided to you at the bottom of the Article. Now click on the blue button which says ADD TO CHROME. When you will click on this the extension, it will first get downloaded on your computer and then it will ask you whether you want to install the extension or not. Then click on the install button so that the extension will get installed in your browser. After the extension will get installed in your browser an Email button will get added just to the right of the address bar as shown in the above image. If you are one of those people who frequently like to share the web pages with your friends this extension is just what you need. Whenever you would like to share a web page with anyone you will just have to click on the Email icon on the right of the address bar. When you will click this icon the extension will copy the address and also it will copy the test that you have selected from the webpage and will pasted it in the new Email message which can be emailed after adding the recipients.  The subject of the Email message will be the title of the webpage. The contents of the email message will be the URL of the webpage followed by the contents that you selected which will be copied in the Email body after the URL of the webpage.

Email this page 2

This is the Email message which will open when you will click on the Email button. As you can see the subject of the Email message is the title of the webpage and the contents of the webpage is the URL of the Webpage.

Email this page 3

This is the menu which will open when you will do a right click on the Email button on the right of the Address bar. The menu has various options like Email this page, Options, Disable, Uninstall, Hide button and Manage extensions. The Email this page option will help you to email a particular webpage.  Options option will help you to change the email carrier from which you want to email the webapge.

Download Email this page

If you want to send the entire webpage then, you should consider the free web service called Email The Web. Another helpful extension could be done by using the free website page screenshot extension called Webpage Screenshot which lets you send screenshot of the webpage you have opened in google chrome. You can also read out some other ways of sending a webpage link to yourself by reading this article by labnol [ amit aggarwal ].


  1. This is not available greyed out could not install, but got Send this page by email instead, but thanks for the heads up.

  2. Excellent. Thank you. works perfectly.Spent many hours working on other fixes but this is so simple and it works.

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