Post Time Does Not Display Correctly In WordPress- Set Correct Time Zone & Date Formats

One of the common problem faced by new WordPress Bloggers and website administrators is that their posts or articles show incorrect time. This problem is very common and is relatively simple to solve than most people think. By default the time-zone of a new WordPress installation is set UTC which is also GMT time-zone. All the articles posted use the default time zone and date and time formats until it is modified, so in your local time zone, if it is anything different from GMT, it will display an incorrect timestamp at most of the places including on the blog pages as well as the wordpress dashboard pages.

In this article, I share with you a very simple and easy to follow tip to modify and set the time-zone in wordpress to show time and date correctly for your local time-zone.


Simply follow these steps to correct the time zone on your wordpress blog / website.

Step 1: Sign into your wordpress administrator dashboard using your administrator level account.

Step 2: Go to Settings > General

wordpress time zone

Step 3: In settings, you will find a dropdown for Timezone, select appropriate time zone from the list there depending on your location and select the date and time format which you prefer. After you are done selecting these options, click on the Save changes button at the bottom of this page.

This is it. Now you will notice that your WordPress website or blog will show proper dates in your local time zone without errors. Hope you find this tip simple and easy to follow, check out some more WordPress Tips by Trouble Fixers.

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