[How To] Share A Pen Drive/ Memory Card On Windows Network

Windows file sharing on network comes in very handy in home and office setup for sharing files and folders across computers without bothering to use Pen drives or other kind of files transfer arrangements. But by default, Windows file sharing option is disabled for the removable pen drives, USB drives and memory cards. One of our readers recently sent us a question asking:

“Need Solution For Enable Hardware Specific Pen Drive to Use in Network?”

After some hit and trial, we found out a very simple and easy way to put a pen drive for sharing on Windows network. Below are some simple steps you need to follow to enable sharing of a USB pen drive, thumb drive, USB hard disk drive or a memory card on your computer on the network or homegroup you are connected to.

Step 1: Connect the pen drive / USB HDD drive or Memory card which you wan to share on the network. When it appears on the Computer section, right click on it and click on properties.

06-04-2013 04-18-52 PM

Step 2: Click on Sharing tab and click on Advanced sharing.

06-04-2013 04-19-34 PM

Step 3: On Advanced sharing tab, click on Share this folder option. You can also give the shared folder any name you like and when done, simply click ok.

06-04-2013 04-20-03 PM

This is it, you can now see this shared drive in the shared location on the network and access this USB storage device, or pen drive on any other PC connected to the same network with required permissions.

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We hope you found this tip useful. Do leave your questions and suggestion in the comments section below.


  1. Thanks Rohit!

    Its unique post. Never saw such type of idea before!

    Thanks again!

  2. dear sir,

    checked in XP but it is not sowing same option kindly suggest ………

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