How To See Hidden Files, Folder and Malicious Virus Files On Pen Drive

If you want to see all the hidden files on your computer then one of the ways to see those files is to select the ‘Show Hidden Files’ option in Folder Options. Now this is one of the most common way to see the hidden files but you can only see those files and folders whose properties have been changed to hidden manually or by a certain software. You may never see the viruses which might be hiding on that memory location.


If your computer is infected then your genuine anti-virus can take care of that, but if you are putting a USB drive on your computer and you have opened that without scanning it then you will not be able to see the virus with the method mentioned above. As they do not have Hidden flag set to Yes, there is something which makes them hidden and thus your computer or Windows cannot find those files.


Today I will be reviewing a freeware tool named as USB show which can be used to show all the malicious files and virus hidden in the pen drive and which cannot be seen by Windows. You will just have to click the button in the application window as shown above and then it will scan that drive for all the files and folders which are hidden and then it will show you the log of all the files. This tool comes with 2 languages, one of them in English and the other one is Spanish.

It is one of the lightest software to take care of all the malicious files and viruses which are generally hidden on a USB drive. The link to download this tool has been mentioned at the end of the post.We have tested this tool on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition, so it is expected that it will work on all the other version of Windows. Please let us know if you face any problem while using.

Download USBShow


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