Show Small Image Thumbnails For Any Unsupported Image File Format In Windows Explorer

Viewing and storing images in the computer has become a very common thing for the users working in all the domains. Due to availability of large number of formats for the images, the images stored in the computer or that downloaded from the web can all be in various formats. Most of the Windows users know that very easily they can display thumbnails of some of the popular image formats right in Windows Explorer. There may be various formats which are supported and there previews can be seen in the explorer and some of these popular image formats may be jpg or png. But, sometimes you may observe that even this support doesn’t not work properly and you see no thumbnail previews for images.

For such issues we recommend you one of the extension which you can install in your computers. SageThumbs is basically a very small sized but yet a very powerful shell extension which allows the user to preview enormous amount of image formats directly in the Windows Explorer. You sometimes might have observed that when you try to see the thumbnails in your windows explorer you see a broken image preview. So, instead of seeing that kind of broken image previews in the Windows Explorer, you may easily fix the issue and make the thumbnails and previews display again with the help of this extension.


SageThumbs, as said above repairs the thumbnails so that the user may see them directly in the Windows explorer but together with this feature it this smart program adds support for a total of 162 image formats to Windows Explorer, with more options to add another 26 image formats via some of the plug-ins. It thus allows the user to review image formats like psd right in Windows Explorer itself. So, you may observe for the utility that support for more image formats and better thumbnail previewing is basically the core feature of the program, but surely not the only one. Along with all the functionalities discussed above, the program adds a new entry to the right click menu in Windows Explorer which adds many more features and that displays several additional features on selection. Some of these functionalities are very useful such as, it makes possible for the user to set the selected image as the wallpaper image, send the image or the thumbnail by email or even to convert the image to jpg, gif or some other extension.

Among these features, although each is equally useful and important but still the conversion options are very useful as it takes only two clicks and that too in almost no time to convert an image to another format. It also has the options by which one may enable or disable the file type support according to the needs and the requirements of the user. This can be helpful if another program is already offering previews for the image format, or if you do not want to see previews in Windows Explorer at all. One of the flaws which we saw and we can say that the only setting that appears to be missing is a quality setting for image format conversions.

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