Display System Information On Desktop Clock

Most of us would love to see the system information always in front of us like CPU usage, disk space usage and so on. At least i have not found any tool which will show all these information on a single application.

But there is a freeware called SysMetrix which is a desktop clock that collects all the system information and displays it along with the current date and time.

SysMetrix is a sinkable tool by which you can configure the appearance and functionality of the displays. It is compatible with Windows 7, vista and Windows XP.

The clock will appear like this showing the information of some of the statistics. It can monitor and report on hundreds of statistics including Date, Time, CPU Usage, User Name, IP Address, Machine Name, Windows Uptime and many more.


You can also view the detailed information of every aspect in the option of ‘About SysMetrix’ in the right-click menu which will appear like this.


You can set the theme of the clock by going in the option of ‘SysMetrix Configuration’ in the right-click menu. The option of ‘Theme Browser’ provides a list of available themes from which you can select the desired one in which you want to see the information.


In this option, it also provides certain themes settings in which it can display this information in a variety of different ways via the following list of “object” types:

Analog clock – To display the time in a familiar fashion

Textual – To display statistics as text

Drawn Histograms – To graphically display a statistic and its history

Image-based Histograms – To graphically display a statistic and its history in a more flexible format

Animations – To display information such as trash status & cpu usage in a more animated way

Gauges – To display information in an analog gauge format

and many more.


In addition to system information, SysMetrix also provides a way to check your POP3 email account, retrieve NOAA weather reports, empty the recycle bin and more in the right-click menu. For example, i have shown the weather report here:


It also provides the options for Logoff, restart and shutdown windows in the right-click menu.


Also, there are more options like volume settings, time and date settings and more.

In short, this application combines all the information of system and display it on a single clock. So, thumbs up for it.

Download SysMetrix

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