Slow Internet connection? Fix it up with simple tweaks


We have been receiving mails form our readers who want to speed up their Internet connection, so here are some simple but effective tips to speed up your Internet connection irrespective of whether you have a broadband or a dial-up connection.


1. Click Start Menu

2. Open Control Panel>>Network Connections

3. Right click on your Local Area Connection and click on Properties

4. Now on the General tab and uncheck all the checkboxes of all the protocols except tcp/ip.

5. Press OK.

This would enhance your Internet connectivity speed.

If still you did not get enough speed up for your Internet connection we would recommend Internet speed up program called TCPoptimizer with optimal settings.


  1. i use mozilla 3.0, if you will use mozilla and tweakmaster than you can get your speed doubled,tripeled.

  2. What happens if the Internet connection is slow regardless of the browser?

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