[Solved] Cannot Access Windows 8 App Store and Stuck at Small Circle Loading

There are some windows 8 users who are reporting us that they are no longer able to load windows 8 store to install apps in windows 8 modern UI as possibly the app store cant connect to internet and it does not load and get stuck at small dots circle rotating all the time, while the other apps including the browser is able to load all the pages fine without any issues, moreover users also reported that they are not able to run most of the apps which requires internet connectivity. There can be different reasons for this to happen and you can try following methods to fix this if it is happening with your phone. 

Incorrect Data and Time On Your PC

The most possible reason for this could be the incorrect date and time so make sure that the time zone is correct you can manually correct the date and time pc settings. Check the setting for Date/Time by choosing the Desktop tile and then left click on the date/time in the corner. Click on change date and time settings. And then verify the time zone is correct as well as the internet time tab has the option to Synchronize with Internet time server.


Try App Troubleshooter For Windows 8

In case you cant even run any modern UI app then you can try metro app troubleshooter from microsoft to check for any other problem, you can download the tool from here


Check Whether Windows 8 Store Connect and Load In Safe Mode

Boot the computer in Safe mode with Networking and check if the issue persists, follow these steps to start the computer in safe mode.

1. Press the ‘Windows + C’ key on the keyboard.

2. Click on settings, more pc settings and then general.

3. Scroll down to advanced startup, click restart now.

4. Click on troubleshoot, advanced options, Windows Startup Settings.

5. Click restart, select safe mode with networking and then press enter.

If windows store works then restart the computer to start in normal mode. Do let us know if the methods helps or not to fix this issue in windows.

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