[Solved] Cannot Connect To WiFi Network on Laptop After Using Connectify to Share Internet

Connectify is really a good tool when you want to share internet via wifi or data card connected to the laptop, but some of our readers recently faced the issue while using connectify when they tried connecting to a wifi network after closing connectify, this happened in both the cases when they shared wireless internet or data card internet through wifi hotspot using connectify.

Most of the users found only one solution to this problem under which they restarted their laptop and after restart they were able to connect to the wifi network on their windows machine, but this was surely not the best solution as it does require you save the files you are working on, as you need to shutdown the machine to fix this. This problem could be due to the reason connectify uses wifi adaptor to create a wireless hotspot with which you can connect other wifi devices.

Disable and Enable The Wireless Network Adaptor in Network Settings

Yes, to solve this issue you just need to disable and then enable the wifi network adaptor and also make sure that connectify is not running in the background, make sure to exit connectify from system tray.

stop connectify

Once you exit connectify, now head to Network and Sharing Center by right click and then select it.

network and sharing center

Under network and sharing center, on the left pane you will see the option to access network adaptor for wifi and LAN

change windows adaptor settings

Now disable the wifi network adaptor

disable wifi adaptor

Now Enable the wifi network adaptor

enable wifi windows


This is how you can solve this issue in case you or your friend encountered the same, do let us know if the solution does not work for you or you have a related problem for which you are looking for a solution.

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