[Solved] Cannot Mount ISO File in Windows 8 with In Built Disc Mount Feature

One good feature which I see in windows 8 is disc mount feature which is an addition to windows series of operating system as like if you compare this thing with windows 7, you no longer need a third party programs in windows to mount and read the contest of a .img or .iso file which is normally a copy of DVD or CD.

Now its very simple to do this in windows 8 as you just need to right click on a *.iso file and then select mount and it will automatically show you the contents in windows explorer which will show up automatically.


But some of our reader reported about this issue faced by them in windows 8 where they cant see the mount option for the file even if they right click on the .iso file, in such cases you will see a menu like the one shown below when you right click on the ISO file.

cannot mount iso file

The main reason behind this is most of the time some third party programs which you have installed and they associated with the ISO file, so to fix this you will need to change the file association back to windows explorer by right clicking on ISO file – go to properties and change the default program to windows explorer.


Now select windows explorer from the list.


This is how you can solve this problem, now when you right click you see the option to mount the image using windows 8 in built disc mount feature and one last way to fix this if the above solution does not work is to open command prompt and then run the command, follow the following steps.

  • Press Win + X
  • Click on “Command Prompt (With Administrator Privileges)
  • Type in SFC /SCANNOW

Let us know if the above methods does not solve your problem.

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